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There are hundreds of templates for specific businesses and other applications. Wix offers hundreds of templates to choose from, the only real setup step is:. There is one thing I have to say about the Wix e-commerce templates: Whilst most website builders allow you to change your template, Wix does not.

Review of WixStores how to create an e-commerce site with Wix - September 2018

With Wix's website creation knowledge and industry knowledge, it's only logical that one of the world's most favorite website creators would extend its website development stage to allow shopkeepers to create their own beautiful e-commerce website. Wix's Web Shop Builder - WixStores - is one of the most user-friendly and adaptable e-commerce trading venues on the web, combining the versatility and usability of Wix's drag-and-drop web site publisher (no programming required!) with sophisticated e-commerce features such as merchandising gallery, order tracing and shipment handling.

Please be aware that there are three ways to create an on-line shop with Wix: It is suitable for small companies that offer 1-2 items for purchase. For more information about this feature, please check out our Wix Review. Create a website with Wix' ADI (Artifical Design Technology) and include an 'OnlineStore' page on your website.

It is also suitable for small companies that offer 1-2 items for purchase. Create a high-performance, eCommerce site with WixStores. This overview is based on this feature-rich choice. More than 60 eCommerce templates are available from Wix. Every style sheet for the shop has been specifically developed to address the vertical audiences, from light and colourful, rich-image styles to elegant, clear design.

Our on-line shop templates are divided into 8 categories: This thought and diligence in the creation of each artwork can be seen in the comparison of two different category, e.g. Sports & Outdoors, vs. Kids & Babies, and the differences between the two vertical artwork colours, typefaces and layout.

Wix templates are optimised for your phone and contain the latest news and information about your Wix brand. Wix's Website Editors is a high-performance website customization utility that gives you unlimited design, functionality, elements and more. For more information on Wix's comprehensive website editing service, visit our Wix Review. This section covers the WixStores Administration Centre, which allows you to administer and modify your store's merchandise, promotional offers, shipment and more.

The Wix catalogue is divided into 2 sections: and collections. Within the range achievements you have entrance to the entire library of your Produktbestandes. Either attach a digitized document (e.g. an eBook or digitial album) or a physically created item and then process its information. One of the tangible commodity items that can be processed is

Component Options: Adds custom features such as sizes, colors and materials. One of the digitally processed items that can be processed is a piece of paper: There is also a "Promote" section in the Promote section where you can set product-specific settings such as track tags, meet descriptions, and URLs, generate vouchers, split the item on popular content, or generate an e-mail campaig.

Collelections allow you to group related items together. For example, an on-line apparel shop could produce one top line, another trouser line and a third dress line. You can use your baskets to search for items within a page, or you can have a separate page. After creating a new set, you can append its name, picture and item (you can also append items from the item editors to a set).

Once a client places an order and the purchase order processing has been completed, their purchase order is shown in this section. There are two ways to advertise your WixStores Store Management items - through vouchers and e-mailing. They must generate a unambiguous identifier that clients can type in to validate the quote.

You can also define product redemption thresholds, the period during which the voucher can be used, and the number of redemption periods. E-mail campaign management can be done via Wix's own e-mail newsletters service ShoutOut. You can use Wix ShoutOut to mail your clients vouchers, provide free delivery or advertise your latest wares.

Or you can use the ShoutOut dashboard to monitor the results of your e-mail campaign, administer your subscription and generate extra notifications. Available choices vary depending on where your company is based. US retailers, for example, can also personally receive payment by accepting payment by means of a Square cardholder connected to their Wix App and have all transaction data entered in the Wix VirtualDesk.

When you sell a digitized item, you can also opt not to levy taxes. In the Shop Preferences area you can specify a shop locale, change the currencies of your items, validate your price and measure format (e.g. decimal places for price display and either metered or impartial measures for your items).

This section also allows you to specify the guidelines of your on-line shop, such as the Terms and Conditions and the Return and Cancellation Guidelines. Those e-mails are quite default looking, but can be customised with your shop logos and names as well as colours and layout (see the Wix App Market section for details).

The Wix Editor's unparalleled advantage is the ability to customize the portable versions of your stores. Launch the portable screen and see a quick overview of how your website will appear on a portable screen (with your precise screen style and contents, but with a mobile-friendly layout).

Wix offers you the additional option of customizing your website and saving it only for your phone, even though your website reacts for you. Some of the portable adaptations available in Wix's portable editors are: Modify the wallpaper or colours of your portable website. Cell phone: Here you have 2 more optimization possibilities for your cell phone website.

Quick-action bar: Add a symbol bar in the bottom of the user's portable display with icons to call your company, read your emails, or go to your Facebook page. Place a small pushbutton on your portable website that lets your visitors click back to the top of the page.

Choose a single item on your portable website - such as a particular item or video - and fade it out for your portable device audience. Wix's tools that makes changes to your site to optimise its design. Wix's complete portable application allows you to organize a number of items in your shop while you're on the move, inclusive:

Administer orders: Get informed about each new sales, keep tabs on payment and get updated when your items are out of stock. Adds products: Build a new page and administer prices and rebates. That' s the Wix app's main feature - get real-time alerts when your website has traffic so you can lead or help your users.

Administer your blog: post new articles, post pictures, and even post your own stuff to socially. More information about the Wix portable application can be found in the following film. WixApp Market gives you countless ways to further customise your website, with over 250 internal and external web applications to enrich your website with additional functionality and advanced workflows.

They are free, optimised for portable use, customisable and can be added to your website with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, most applications are free of charge. Wix's App Market has a great deal to boast about, from online community to online community, from online community to online community, from online community to online community, from online community to online community, from online community to online community, from online community to the web, from online to offline.

You can access the App Market via the links to your website's main screen and your website's own dashboard (where you will find a number of pre-installed eCommerce applications such as WixStores and Invoices). Approximately 50 eCommerce-specific applications are available, providing integration such as PayPal and eBay, as well as enhanced website enhancing capabilities including ratings, online chats, comparative charts and more.

In the following some of the most important eCommerce applications of Wix are briefly introduced. Review, generate and submit your invoice directly from the invoice app available on your website's Dashboard. They can also generate a regular billing product or service listing, so you can generate new bills for those items with just one click.

Contacts App provides a single place to administer all your website's leads, customers, subscribers and members. Look at your existing clients and email them tailor-made promotions such as rebate vouchers through a promotional drive to encourage them to come back to your shop and buy back. When you have pages on your site that are only visible to members (and from which you need to set up an affiliate on your site), you can also administer those members and maintain their relationship with your company, e.g. with member-only offerings.

It also shows a listing of your website visitors who have reached you via an on-line contact request as well as those who have subscribed to your newletter. Wix's Automated Email application provides a series of email templates that can be sent when a visitor performs a certain activity on your website or has not been viewed for a certain period of inactivity.

It is possible to customise the templates (via the Wix e-mail campaign management system ShoutOut) and set the time at which e-mails are sent to these people. Some of the kinds of e-mail templates that Wix provides are: The third provider application provides a simple way to integrate your eBay shop into your Wix eCommerce site. It allows your eBay shoppers to search your eBay shop items without the usual eBay diversions.

Once you've added the application to your Wix Shop, you'll need to type in your eBay user name and the application will take over. Amazon Application - developed by Wix's in-house developers - allows you to present your product on your Wix website or link an Amazon partner profile to receive commission on your purchases.

This free application allows you to view up to 30 Amazon merchandise items and customise their colours, text and more. Etsy Shops application was also developed by the Wix staff, so you can add your Etsy Shops to your Wix page. It allows you to receive your Etsy product with your Etsy payment cards or your Wix shopping cart with your payment method.

It is free (but please keep in mind that Etsy will charge 0.20 Cent for each list of products in your shop). Some of the greatest things about the Wix are the many ways in which you can get help while your website is being edited and after it is up and running. Once you open the Publisher (after you have selected your template), you will be greeted with a welcome movie explaining briefly how to begin to edit your website.

It' s quite a long videotape (but highly recommend for first timers ), so if you're too anxious to edit your shop and want to jump over it, don't be worried, the help is not difficult to find. The help functions of the editors include: Edit Help Center: opens a pop-up with a listing of help category, or begin entering your query and you'll see related responses.

Key combinations for the editor: It appears similar to the help centre of the editors. List popular key combinations such as (Ctrl + V = Paste) and editor-specific key combinations (Shift + f = Show and fade out text cursor control elements or similar to Strg + J = Change between mobile/desktop views) that surely help saving your precious work.

To be found on-line (SEO): View the movie or learn more about the website items you can optimise with WIX to improve your MEO. Whereas Wix's call centre (open Monday-Thursday, 18-17 PST) provides assistance, the Wix solution really tries to resolve your issues on-line to spare you the wait for a call with an account manager.

The Wix Help Center, which you can access both from the Wix website before you build your website, and from your Dashboard when you build an affiliate site, is basically a knowledgebase for everything related to Wix. Get information about every phase of the website building proces, from the first step with the publisher to linking your domains, doing your own optimization, blogging and more.

There' also a special help section for WixStores (topics such as setting up your shop, managing your product, creating vouchers, selling at the point of sales (POS) and more) and another for payments (topics related to payments gateway, currency and more). To get in contact with Wix via the Wix Contacts page, you must first complete a series of answers in the hopes that your problem can still be resolved on-line.

When you go through the form and your problem is still not resolved, you have two ways to get in touch with Wix. Holders of Premier Plans receive their complimentary tickets or a call-back that is moved to a "Premier" line, and complimentary tickets from US or Canadian Premier customers are processed through the Wix Premier Service Area.

Unless you link a clear domainname before processing your new shop, you will find that your site receives a Wix-labeled URL such as username.wixsite.com/sitename/page-url. Regardless of which eCommerce plans you decide on, . com / . net / . org / . org / . info and . ziz / .co. uk domains are free for one year.

Complimentary free web surfing with infinite bandwith is available with all Wix shop floor plan. Volume of space on offer varies according to schedule, ranging from 20 GB for the Basic Store ($16. 17/month) schedule and up to 75 GB for the Super Store at $39. 92/months. For more information on memory and bandwith choices, see the Maps and Prices section below.

Wix's Shop Boilder provides a variety of advanced web site optimization (SEO) features for both your website's visitors and your web site's keywords ( Google, Bing, etc.). Below is an overview of the various ways to administer the advanced features of your e-commerce store: can be found on-line. Hilfe > Be found on-line (SEO): Wix's Site Manager is a kind of "control panel" for your website in which you can administer fundamental website preferences such as your website name, your website address, your website address, your website address, your website address, your website address, your website address, your website address, your website address, your website language and your website name.

Within the Sitemap, you can choose to have your site appear in Google results (we suggest you leave this enabled ), HTML tag Google Query Console and Bing Webmaster Tools checks, and 301 redirect your site to and from. When you click the round icon next to each page name, it opens the page preferences that you can use to organize page information, layout, privilege sets, and WebEO.

If so, the advanced features of Google Internet Explorer are specifically tailored to optimize your Google web shop. Generate a caption tags and describe (for your site's Google results ), specify the page url (note that if you modify it once the site is alive, you should use Site Manager to deploy a 301 redirection from the old to the new URL), and see how your shop will appear in Google's results.

I' m sorry. I' m sorry. Product SEO. Store Manager > Catalog > Products > Products > Products > Modify WixStores Store Manager preferences: If you are viewing any of the products, click the "Edit your site settings" button below the "Apply" page bar to administer the site's site titles, descriptions and page urls. Editors for your product's SOE preferences are basically the same as Editors for your page's SOE preferences and also provide a quick overview of the product's Google results.

You can also add old text to your products pictures. In the Pictures & Videos section of the AV Editor, click the Setting key (round key with 3 dots) and then click "Edit Alttext for Pictures". TIP: Wix automaticly inserts diagrammatic markers to your products pages. In this way, the user can see clear information directly in the results, such as price and uptime.

Convince yourself when you look for your product in Google! It starts with a brief introductory tutorial that explains how to optimise your website for searching machines. After you have typed in your company name and the most important catchwords for your shop, the wizard will create an SMS checking list that shows you all the items you need to optimise on your website.

This means that all pages of content are directly under the IP address of the domain (e.g. mysite.com/product) and not under a hierarchical structure that places content under their own content items (e.g. mysite.com/dresses/purple-stripe-dress or mysite.com/shoes/lace-up-sneakers). At Wix we offer four eCommerce Premier Schemes, which range from $16.17/month for the Basic Store Scheme to $39.

92/month for the Super Store Plans (for one-year subscriptions). Regardless of which e-commerce scheme you choose, you have the full power to make payment and you don't have to earn royalties on your Wix transaction. E-commerce schedules also incorporate Wix Software's premier customer service offerings. Favorite $24 offer. 92/month (with an one-year subscription) - Indefinite Shop - features a free 1-year domainname, 35GB of disk, 2 premier e-commerce applications, 20 e-mail promotions per months, and up to 50,000 e-mails per months.

You can also pay for a plan from one month to the next, but that increases the monthly fee (and you won't get a free 1-year domains, premium applications or promotional coupons if you pay monthly). Featuring so many functions, third-party integration, applications and technology skills, Wix's eCommerce Builder is truly a growing e-commerce platforms.

Particularly in view of Wix's ongoing investments in expanding all these listings with more and more features. After you have chosen your style sheet and begun to edit it, you can no longer switch to another style sheet. It' important to consider all possible choices before you create your website. If you want to move your website to another e-commerce building site, you cannot move your website content away from Wix.

Integration and Apps: A broad set of integration and applications, such as eBay e-commerce and automated email, that allow you to enhance your website with a variety of functions to enhance the shopping experiences for your clients. Customisation: The Wix drag-and-drop editor's versatility, the ability to customise any built-in item, as well as built-in applications (such as your Amazon Store) and the choice of beautiful templates, make Wix a truly unique selling point among other e-commerce developers.

E-commerce schedules are all in the warehouse default with Wix's ShoutOut e-mail campaigns management system, voucher generation, integrated contact management and other applications to help you with your on-line marketers. Third-party synchronization limitations: Although you can place third-party shops (such as eBay, Etsy, and Amazon) on your Wix eCommerce site, the option to synchronize your product and inventories between the two shops is not currently available.

In contrast to other e-commerce developers, Wix does not provide context exporting capabilities, i.e. if you want to move your website to another site, you have to copy and insert the contents by hand. Comprehensive options may seem overwhelming: Having a wide choice of functions is generally considered good, so the user can customise their website to their heart's desire.

Some users - especially those looking for a super-fast setup - will find these choices (and the amount of elapsed working time) stunning, however, and should be willing to take the initiative to study and understanding the site before creating their website.

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