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Hi, I've set up a simple business page on Wix.com, a website designer who uses Flash. Extract sources (HTML, CSS) from Wix pages You' d have to analyze your page, but some of your images are not analyzed, but the addition of images and video and the like that you can do afterwards, you just need to know how to put it into your HTML...

. Well, I can pose the cipher, but it needs to be adapted to your needs. The Wix website has clear directions for displaying the sourcecode, but you will not get a css element....see this links.

Wix-pages do not have their own html mcss. You have to do the same to the same theme in html, sss. You cannot use the Wix Editor to create a file, page, or website and send it to another remote location or hosting. Wix locations must be housed on Wix server.

It' also not possible to mount your Wix page on an outside page. If you are embedding a website in an offsite site, Wix no longer has complete command over how your website looks or works, and therefore cannot offer technical assistance. Search in other queries with the tag html or ask your own query.

Is it possible to import HTML/CSS from Wix?

Unless you know that Wix is similar to Wordpress/Squarespace. You say you can't get exported from your website, but is there a way to do that? Thank you in anticipation. Please click to enlarge.... It can be done manually by using the Firebug expansion in Firefox. It can' be easy, but it works.

Converting my website from WIX to HTML | HTML

Hi, I've just moved a basic store page to [url remove, log in to see], a website designer who uses Flash. We' ve base it on the pattern "ECounselors" - see below mentioned links (or, if that doesn't work, just obey the directions below). HINT - THIS IS NOT OUR WEBSITE, ONLY THE ORIGINAL!

Our aim is for you to be able to see our Wix page (which is quite similar to this one, only different text/colors/images) as closely as possible in HTML. We also want you to create a very easy order page with Google check out to buy about 10 different Google check out book. I' m interested in this projekt, please mail me a hyperlink.

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