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Doing it: How to do it: Reinstall the Windows Installer XML (WiX) utilities. In this section, the samples use the Windows Installer XML (WiX) tool set to build the necessary file for the add-in bundle. From the SourceForge website (http://wix.sourceforge.net/index.

html), browse to the Windows Installer XML (WiX) tool set and place it in a directory on the developer computer or test servers. Suggested You can include the location of the directory where the tool set was hosted in the environmental variables location to facilitate the execution of tool set instructions.

As an example, the following pathname could be added: You need to make sure that your added pathname is delimited by a semi-colon from the other pathname items.

ViX Tool Set

You may use this program only in accordance with the Microsoft Reciprocal Licence (MS-RL) (the "Licence"). Microsoft Mutual Licence (MS-RL) text is available at : : Use of the supplied softwares is governed by this licence. By using the SDK, you are accepting this licence.

Failure to agree to the licence means that you may not use the product. Here, the concepts "reproduce", "duplicate", "duplicate", "derivative works" and "distribute" have the same meanings as under US intellectual property laws. An " Article " is the Genuine Version of the Product or any addition or modification to the Product. Participant " means any individual who participates under this licence.

"LICENCED PATENTS" are claim of a participant directly related to his work. A) Granting Copyrights - Subject to the provisions of this Licence, which include the Licence Agreement and restrictions in Section 3, each Participant hereby grants to You a non-exclusive, world-wide, royalty-free licence to copy Your Submission, edit Derived Works from Your Submission, and redistribute Your Submission or any Derived Works created by You.

All Participants grant you a non-exclusive, world-wide, royalty-free licence under their licenced patens to make, use, resell, trade, offer publicly for purchase, post, import and/or otherwise resell their contributions to the software or derived works of the contributions to the said programs, subject to the provisions of this licence, inclusive of the licensing provisions and restrictions in Section 3.

A. Mutual Grants - For each Distributed Data File that contains Program Content (in either Quellcode or Binärformat ), you must make available to the recipient the Quellcode of that Data File together with a copy of this Licence, which licence governs that Data File. Licence other data that is entirely your own work and does not contain any coding from the SW under the conditions you have chosen.

No Trademark Licence - This licence does not give you any right to use the authors' name, logos or marks. If you assert a right to a patented product against a Participant for infringement of those patents by the Software, your licence to the patented product of that Participant to the Product shall terminate immediately.

If you sell any part of the Service, you must keep all proprietary rights, patents, trademarks, and attributions contained in the Service. No part of the Licensed Material may be distributed in any way without the prior written consent of the Licensee (E) If you redistribute any part of the Licensed Material in any source file format, you may do so only under this Licence by enclosing a full copy of this Licensed Material with your copy of the Licensed Material.

Distributing any part of the Free Download in compilated or item coded forms may only be done under a licence that is equivalent to this licence. and ( fig ) The softwares are licenced "as is". Participants do not give any explicit guarantee, warranty or condition. It is possible that you have extra user privileges under your own law which cannot be changed by this licence.

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