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Her domain name just got better! Recently we implemented a new personalised URL architecture. With this new architecture your website will be presented as an independent domainname. In this way, the website addresses will be more strongly than before. Your website users will now see your user name instead of Wix.

com. Regarding URL the new URL can help your website gain a better ranking in your target group.

Googles & Co. appreciate a personalised domainname, so that the new release takes a better position with them. To make sure your new domainname is optimised, read these tips: Select a user name and a page name that are actually related to the contents of your website. Do not use dashes or underscores (they can be used on inner pages, but not on the primary domain).

Generally, when you edit and select a website domainname, we suggest that you use a user name and page name that are easily pronounced and spelled. And if you want to further customise your own domainname, you can link your own private adress to your Wix website.

Learn how to increase your URL with the perfect URL for your Websites.

Of course, you spend most of your free moment embellishing your website and add all the items that will help you build your own website so that your URL is not your top priorities right now. In the Wix Editor you can adjust your page titles, your site descriptions and your search engine keys to make sure your site is found.

Here is what you need to know to build the flawless URL. Do not confuse this with a domainname, which is the name and suffix you used to sign up for a website, or an e-mail account that is wix.com in our case. There is no kind of page within your website, it is just your name.

As soon as you have registered your domainname, you have to set up your website and find a hosting, which is very tricky with Wix. Well, now that you have the background story, let's find out how to pick the best domainname for you. There is a basic form that you should obey in order to generate youromainname.

First you should enter your company name and, if you wish, an extra code word. It is important to keep the domainname brief and catchy and without any characters or acronyms ( e.g. weddings4u). Your chosen domainname is important for your SoEO. Browsers use the domainname you created to try to figure out what your site is about, so be clear about it when designing your name.

After all, you want to have the right ending for your name. A number of different choices are available, according to the type of website you have. Here the name of the site is literalceramics.com and the name of the site is 'shop'. You get exactly what you need, just your domainname + page name.

Start by cleaning the URL of your website so that you can customise your page url by modifying your page name. As soon as you have your website up and running and have your own tidy web addresses, you can review the statistics of your pages on Universal Analytics. Build a free website today!

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