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During the installation process, installers often have to look up the version number of a file on the hard disk. If you reset your website to a previously saved version, some components are not affected. What to do: Checking the version number of a file during setup

The installer often has to look up the version number of a hard drive version number during the setup procedure. It is often used before a conditioned instruction at a later stage of the setup, for example to prevent the end users from performing the setup if a particular piece of code is missed, or to show a customized setup UI, based on whether the version of the code is high enough.

Shows how to verify the version verification of a hard drive version and then disable the install of the program if the version of the files is lower than what is known. Files version are detected by the items , and . In the following excerpt we search for the user32.dll in the System32 folder of the computer and check if it has at least version 6.0.6001.1751.1751.

"User32 VERSION" "SystemFolderDriverVersion" " " "user32.dll" "6.0.6001.1750" Finding a specific folder is done by specifying the folders to be searched and the folder to be searched. This property item specifies the id for the results of the filesearch. Use the DirectorySearch item to construct the folder tree to find the item.

If this is the case, it gets a distinct ID, and the pathname is fixed to the SystemFolder characteristic specified by the Windows Installer, which points to the user's Windows\System32 location. FileSearch item is the name of the found filename in the DirectorySearch higher-level folders. MinVersion indicates the minimal version of the found document.

The USER32VERSION attribute is reset to the full pathname of the user32.dll document if the document was found successfully. Important: If you are performing a local unbiased scan for a particular version, you must assign the MinVersion feature to a lower version number than the current version you are looking for. This example shows the version 6.0.6001.1751.1751, but the MinVersion is 6.0.6001.1750.

The reason for this is a difference in the way the Windows Installer corresponds to files version. For more information, see the Windows Installer manual. After you have established whether the desired version of the data source files exist, you can use the attribute in a requirement. This is a basic example that will prevent the installer from installing the program if the user32.dll version is too low.

"is not high enough to be able to run this installer." A Windows installer feature is in place that makes sure that the scan is performed only when the person installs the appliance, not during repairs or removal. USER32VERSION part is run if the attribute is flagged, and fails if it is not flagged.

Checking files intep 1 sets the feature to the full pathname of the user32.dll if found with an appropriate version of the user32.dll and does not otherwise do so.

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