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The best video presentation tools online. Today, we are proud to announce the launch of Wix Video, the definitive video presentation, promotion and sales software for the Internet. You can use this utility to both directly post video to your website and attach video from your preferred on-line platform: Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube - available in highest qualitiy now!

Get full power over how your movies are viewed with Wix Video, available free to all Wix video enthusiasts. A third (correct, !) of all web activities is devoted to video viewing. If you are a small shopkeeper, a blogger, a teacher of Yoga or (obviously) a video artist, you will want to integrate a video into your breathtaking website.

It' s your turn to take your piece of the cake and use the enormous force of this contents to boost your activities. So your company can still make great video now! You don't need to have any guying in front of the cameras or behind the scenery as part of your description to take advantage of the performance of video assets.

Wherever you turn on the web, it's obvious that video is friendly - it's the most viral type of socially relevant medium, it can help sites get higher rankings on Google, and it can even give your blogs more credibility. If done right, video is an astonishing way to engage your audiences and tell the history of your store.

Web site users are 64% to 85% more likely to buy a video item on-line when they first look at a video. Website users spend an additional 2 min on video enabled web pages, versus no video enabled web pages. You' re 53-fold more likely to place a page on Google' first page if that page is hosting a video.

You are not sure if you have the equipment or the spare moment to provide a convincing video? No need to resell your cardioid on eBay to make a good-looking video for your products or a testament to your (happy) customers thanks to smart phones. That means the narrower your contents, the more likely it is that folks will see them all the way; 45 seconds to a half minutes is usually enough to tell your tale in a video.

With Wix Video you can present all your video in one place: on your website. Upload your work directly from a computer or use the ones you've already posted on Vimeo, Facebook and YouTube - include streaming and 360-video! Either way, your contents are presented in a breathtaking gallary that you can customize to suit the look and feel of your website.

Not only does Wix Video allow you to load individual videos, it also allows you to generate custom subscription sessions for your users. Provide your supporters with a sign when you upgrade your storefront with new contents by immediately posting a Wix ShoutOut, the simplest way to deliver an appealing newletter.

With Wix Video you can directly market your creation on your website. Film makers can opt to purchase video signups for full site accessibility, a limited passport for 24, 48, or 72 hours of viewing your site's video assets, or a one-month video signup for your site.

The only thing you need to do is load up your video and specify the pricing and money. The Wix Video is 100% free of charge. There are no hide-and-seek charges, no additional charges - and no advertising at all on your film. Wix Video also has a very handy "Sign up to watch" feature.

You can use this useful pop-up to get your visitors' e-mails before they watch the video on your site - even if you offer your contents for free. When you add an e-mail subscription, you gather tonnes of invaluable e-mail accounts to expand your fellowship - and later turn those audiences into customers.

When it comes to the publication of a video on the Internet, the number 1 criteria is what makes a video high. Video professionals can tell you first hand about the amount of work, cash and innumerable sleeping nights that contribute to the perfection of your work. So, when everything is said and done, there is nothing more cumbersome than to upload your artwork on line just to find out that some of the pixel from your video got lost.

Fortunately, Wix Video uses adaptive video streamers to present your video in the best possible video experience available on the web. That means your site users will always see your video exactly as you imagined it. The Wix Video has a rugged user interface that provides full statistics of your video: view, share, generated income and more.

You can add Wix Video as an app to any website, no matter what categories you are in (photography, restaurants, blogs, etc.). And of course, we've added a host of breathtaking video-centric themes to help you make your video even more impressive. Make-up moves, video games or gymnastics routines - if you have something to learn, this tutorial is for you.

Inform your audiences about your latest lessons by regularly publishing video on your website. When an image says more than a thousand words, what is a video good for? Elevate your library to this breathtaking portfolios artwork and let your clip do the speaking for you. Series 3: How can I use Wix Video on my website?

You can find Wix Video in the "Apps" section of your Wix Dashboard. Practically, the Wix Video application is also located in the'Add' area on the leftside of your editors - all you have to do is click on the plus symbol (+) and then on "Video" to find it. And if you get emotionally stunned after viewing this review and can't find the right one, don't bother - you can also download Wix Video from the Wix Application Market in seconds.

Well, let's see how you can easily post a video in 5 easy steps: There are two different Wix Video layout options, both of which are impressive. Classical showing your video in a beautiful looking miniature image gift folder that lets your viewers search more of your work. Another is a full -width video stripe that gives your website visitor an instant, long-lasting experience.

Additional bonus: Each movie is absolutely fast, which means your video adapts itself to every type of equipment (desktop and computer) and every type of web browsers. Insert your video. In the Video Library section, click Organize Videos, and then click Add Videos. There are two ways to do this. And the first is by simply pasting the URL of any YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook video.

Additional bonus: You can also present your YouTube and Facebook 360 video and livestreams directly on your website! Select "Manage Videos" and then the one you want to use. On the video editing page, you'll find many boxes that you can use to help improve the video you' re watching.

Titles, categories (series, Tutorial, Dramas, etc.), auditions or even the addition of a character if your video is intended only for a seasoned audience: you have full command of everything. Bonuses added: Don't miss to fill in the descriptions for each video. Determine the prize. To take advantage of your movie genius, just choose "Manage Videos" and choose the movies for which you want to apply a prize.

In the " Info " section of the video, click on Enter and indicate the amount and nature of the transactions (rental or purchase) you wish to allow. It can be a self-made video or a 20-second automatic video that Wix Video knows how to do. All your video are rolling!

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