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In the past, building your own website was something only Whizkid coders could do. This is a short overview of the backend of the Wix Website Builder. Are you not sure if Wix is right for you?

The WIX Review: Creating a website on WIX (step-by-step instructions)

A website's brilliant look is a rather misleading indication of the amount of investment in it. Today, thanks to the amazing service provided by free website creation tool, the creation of breathtaking sites is a question of a few moments. Not only are free website builder restricted to giving experimentation and enthusiasts of business people, blogs and hobbies simple means to build their own website, but they are also able to add some interesting additional features such as search engine optimization (SEO), e-commerce, forum etc. to the mixture so that the user has a wealth of expertise in constructing modern web sites.

Widely used in the free website builder industry, Wix provides some fairly powerful and sophisticated functionality that is specifically tailored to the interests and aspirations of first-time use. While there are many other free website creation utilities out there that allow you to build free sites without needing HTML skills, at least the few of them are able to communicate a personal identity, and in this respect Wix is focused on giving the user a fairly full fledged web site creation adventure.

Wix is clearly differentiated by the ability to provide multiple configurations of your website's creative components, combined with a fascinating selection of template designers directly from the world's most sought-after laboratories. This also means, however, that the learner you face in advance is more steep than some of the other site builder.

Registering for the free Wix Website Builder is just a minutes away, as all you need to do is enter your e-mail ID and your username and password to get started. This will take you to a page where you need to specify the type of website you want to build.

Wix's template is really unique and enough to get your hearts racing at first glance. One of the most important parts of any website builder is the simplicity with which the user can easily construct a website. The Wix provides a hit dragging and dropping tool to help you design your web pages.

One of the various intelligent and powerful moves that the Wix drag and drop builder uses is the ''Snap to Grid'' tool, which tells you exactly how to align your site's contents. So for example, once you have completed your page layout and then need to insert one or two sentences of text somewhere in the center of the page, you need to customize any subsequent items that would otherwise overwrite the text.

Wix will move and move the items to make changes to your site quickly and easily. The majority of activities in the Notepad are controlled by a menubar with top and side panels with top and bottom icons. Ando and Redo Button - quite obviously, with these button you can undo and redo changes with one click.

Copying and pasting pushbuttons - Again, it's quite evident. You can use these icons to easily copy and past page contents. Lock to object - To align contents items at will. Pages is what you need to easily tamper with everything that has to do with the pages of your website.

This is the place where all your customization activities regarding the website look take place. This is a brief look at what you can do with the styling buttons. Colours - There are some rather funny colour schemes that are available with Wix. Choose from some fairly awesome pre-installed typefaces, or even customise them to get the best results.

It' easy to be among the best in the trade in regard to suspending you to all periphery web developing items without having to charge anything. You can use the Append pushbutton to attach the following items to your Web pages. Items like Posts Gallery, Tag Cloud, Custom Feed, Ticker and Posts List.

It is possible to insert a product gallery, a shopping cart item, a shopping cart viewing pushbutton and a shopping cart adding pushbutton. It is a nice exposition for the user to the e-commerce components that can be fully exploited with the help of Wix's e-commerce plans. Socio-media related items, such as Facebook Like and Share buttons, Twitter Follow and Tweet Buttons and Google +1 click.

In addition, the Pinterest Pin It and YouTube Subscribe button can be added to your contents to make it easy for your audience to view and distribute your contents, which is likely to result in more visitors to your site. Directly from Contacts to Google Maps, from HTML to Flash, you can easily create more than one element with just one click.

Then you have the possibility to insert a PayPal key, a Skype key and a Flickr Gallery key into your pages. Here is another full featured feature that will help you choose important location-wide adjustments. To use your own domains, you must be upgraded to Wix Plan with costs.

It' your one-click link to a universe of fun and stylish applications designed specifically for Wix to help you get the most out of your website created with this website builder. Wix Website Builder fee-based releases concentrate on bespoke custom mounts and provide functionality that extends the free Builder's possibilities.

Currently you have 4 choice of Premier Plan - Connectomain, Combo, Limited, eCommerce. Each of these premier service has the benefit that you can use your own domains to build your website. In addition, concurrently, Wix Web Site Builder packages give customers access to our support packages and make sure they never get caught with any Wix Web Site Builder features.

Planned to go one better, launch unlimited, combo and eCommerce, they will be adding a portable website to the bundle. In addition, the site will be entirely free of Wix Services advertisements, which could otherwise divert traffic from keytent. Sites that you build with these maps are free of wix adverts.

While Connect Domain and Combo are somewhat restricted in scope and disk capacity, eCommerce and unlimited are quite comprehensive in overcoming these limitations. This eCommerce package offers you 20 GB memory with 10 GB bandwith. Just because of the easy way latecomers can build their first web sites with Wix, it merits a good review.

The fact that you can make a fast website in a very short amount of your own hours also gives the Wix cap a glossy nib. By providing free design submissions to support users' sites, the hundred or so designers' submissions make sure that user effort is rewarded.

Also the fact that you have a reliable technical assistance centre for even the free user, as well as having direct contact to a high-level social networking platform where Wix user can exchange and debate their experience, issues, successes as well as views on the Wix functionality means that any obstacles you face in the design of your website will have a ready-made answer within you.

And the design stage itself is quite airy, with kind permission of the friendly, drag-and-drop style website editors with all their clearly arranged menu and button. Pictures, slide shows, text items - everything can be simply pulled and accurately placed on the part of the monitor where it should be. Necessity-owned businesses and blogs have a good free site for Wix to create useful media-rich Web sites.

However, there are certain items that could cause poor tastes in the mouth of demanding web fans looking for a boundless adventure. To begin with, the eCommerce flavours of Wix's free website builder are quite modest and hardly lead to a convenient way for experimentation to open their fully operational web shops.

Wix would also do well to let the user change between the template at a later time, rather than force them to use one. Then the striking presence of Wix advertising on the pages and at the bottom of the pages you have created makes your free website virtually inadequate for work.

Finally, it is a good evaluation of Wix to mark it as a proposed experimental for all those who are completely new to the website construction industry and are looking for a free journey through all the modern facets of website construction.

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