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Why professional websites don't use it. Alternatively, become one (a professional web designer / developer). When our award-winning authorized Wix pro web developers create your new website, this can be very inexpensive, take a look at our packages below.

The Wix is intended for those who are not comfortable with the web.

But if you want to take your website and your company to the next stage, there are some big obstacles to consider: The Wix approach works with a strong simplification of the web designing proces, which means that it also disregards many of the best practice that has been created over the last 15 years.

Wix sites are, from a web developer's point of view, equivalents to sites created in 2000. Those things are important because they make your website simpler to manage and more user-friendly for your website users. With Wix you take on the roles of web artist and web creator, which means a great deal of clout!

He is an experienced graphics creator for the "planning and projection of images and experience with text and images" (AIGA.org). Website creators define how website contents look and work, taking into consideration best practice, ease of use, mobility and clearly set website objectives. Since Wix combines all these parts into one, it's simple to really confuse a website that doesn't really work for your company.

Might require a great deal of skill and expertise to really complete this listing above, and Wix doesn't make it any simpler. Concerning ease of use, the GUI in the administration pane could be much more friendly. The menus are square, you can't store any pieces of information, and creating page layout consistency is usually a puzzle.

Work on Wix web pages is an expertise of web pros in the field of webdressing. You can' t even move pages or contents between Wix pages. I will be quite open: From a profession point of view, most pages created with Wix are clearly DIY webpages. Policy maker who compare two businesses by the web site performance will be able to see this.

When you want to convey that you and your company are professionals, you must finally say good-bye to your Wix website and welcome the worlds of advanced graphics and web creation. With the help of our expert team, you can build a website that has clear intentions, outstanding usability and quantifiable results.

With a great deal of experience and great client support, you' ll have a great time!

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