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The course is incredibly well designed. With Wix Website-Builder you can create a breathtaking, professional website for free. Prosaically speaking, Wix is a platform for web design. Web site creator software for every industry and every type of site.

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Do you have previous knowledge in working with WordPress and/or another website development tool (Weebly, Wix, Joomla, Squarespace, GoDaddy,...)? Web site design & authoring (Wix platform). More than 5 years working experiences in the fields of markets / graphics design / communication ........ Essential HTML, Wordpress, Wix, or other web design knowledge. Knowledge of graphics design (Adobe Creative Cloud).

LOGICLATCH POSITION is a global online advertising company that offers pay-per-click advertising, SEO and website design to more than 4,000 customers.

Webdesign-Plattform Wix is committed to design for the design sakes.

Wix is a web design plattform, to put it in prose. Practically, it is an approachable and easy-to-use way to design classy web sites that offer an amazing amount of feature set for every design skill set. No matter if you are an absolute technology newbie, a shopkeeper, or a web site development pro, with Wix you can make any web site.

It is the most technically sophisticated and diverse builders in the industry that truly supports its people. The Wix is an excellent choice for those who want to design highly engaging on-line interactivity projects for their work. The editor softwares allow people with fundamental web design savvy to re-create breathtaking plattforms from the ground up through a variety of perfectly designed functions that offer total creativity-free.

At the forefront of responsibility for Wix's design personality - and the way the firm deals with the design environment - is Hagit Kaufman, VP of Brands & Design. She has been running Wix's Design Studio for a decade and embodies the company's gradual approach to creativity. When you build a website with a web designer, you often find yourself at a point where your early visions are open to negotiation," Kaufman says, explaining the common webbuilding expertise.

They were designed for design by design engineers, and that shows. In addition, there is drag-and-drop useability, retina-capable picture qualities, solid fonts, eye-catching design features, high-quality videoplayers, art gallery and mobile-optimized screens. It even covers SEO-related and hidden backend detail, and the recently introduced Wix code allows people to take things to a new dimension - making it easy for a web design professional or programmer to integrate more sophisticated web applications, modify website behavior, and generally create a more rich website experience.

And then there are the fun side of WIX: an embracement of design for design's sake, recently summarized in the company's "Take the Playground" intiative. Working with Dribbble - an on-line show and Tell for Designer - the ad campaigns asked artists to re-imagine the term "playground" as peculiarly as possible through 3-D modeling, illustrations, and more.

According to Kaufman, it is "a call to act, a challenge for the designer to make something dazzling and have a lot of pleasure with it". Another evidence that WIX has the ability to foster the creativity of its people. Kaufman, as director of the design studio, is in charge of the conception of such eye-catching advertising-related contents.

Following a postgraduate stay in the Israel Air Force, she began to explore more haptic arts such as joinery and papier-mâché sculpture before combining her interests in industry design and graphic design and enrolling in the Holon Institute of Technology's program of communications. What matters is that Wix isn't about giving a designer a quickfix for building a website - it's about delivering accessibility, intuitiveness, and the ability to give users a great way to build a great looking virtual experience of the worlds they want to communicate.

Wix makes the once alienated web design available to all and one design professional and opens the door to a whole new horizon.

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