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57/57 stunning Wix website designs and templates The times in which the system had to do without contents in favour of a vibrant, thrilling concept are over. It is also known for its incomparable website themes and templates. And if you've always wanted to keep blogging about your secular travel, just do it with Wix' Traveler Blogs topic. Incorporating soft connectivity, a clear lay-out and room for large and pretty pictures, the templates give you all the tool you need to enlarge your make and become a name that stands for great travel.

As the name implies, Starting From Scratch is a topic that will encourage you to invest all your creative energy in the construction of your website. Rather than rely on someone else's designs, it offers you an empty screen where you can do whatever you want. Surprising to say that the Star From Scratch topic is one of the most beloved on the Wix Deck, but for us it just shows the fact that humans are eager to give their own significance and voices to what they do.

My blog is designed for those who know that they can buy fashions, but you have to have them. No matter if you have your own custom trademark or want to make a name for yourself, this rich Wix submission can help you do this with large photographs, softkeys, subscription to newsletters engine and postal tags.

Topics like Classic Layout allow you to use all the utilities and functions of the site, but don't oblige you to stick to a particular one. Having just enough architectural space to steer you in the right directions, you're on your way to a unique look in the blink of an eye.

Wix's Grafitti Artist Topic is easy and discreet enough to allow creative people to present their work without burdening it with text. Featuring an easy menue, room for a logotype, slim palladium scrolls, room for all your project's, and a heroic picture that makes a big difference, this design will tell your audience everything they ever need to know about you without saying a single thing.

Wix's Comming Soon feature allows the user to build a website that would make Steven Spielberg envious, with his heading name, fat picture name, date of publication and space for a trailers and thumbnails. It' s enough of a must-have for your next home video show or to show off your latest Filmfestival work.

Wix's Marketing Launch Page is the best way to take full benefit of this opportunity. It would work just as well for any other company. Tech Forum Submission is just one of the ways you can build your own on-line community networking site that is able to manage a user base and build seperate threaded sites where members can comment, contribute "Like" and even split contributions.

You' ll be the champion of your alcove with a clear lay-out and easy styling that allows your customers to quickly find useful responses to their urgent needs. They can even use the submission to inform your visitors not only about your activity, but also about the latest news in the region, turning your site into an advanced power plant.

Food Feed is a topic developed to bring out all the stunning food delicacies you make and buy in your favourite restaurant. It' very visually appealing and lets your pictures tell a delightful tale that makes your guests drool. Likewise, a good website submission only flourishes if it is both inconspicuous and inconspicuous.

Artist is a subject that has been created to show and divide arts, but that is a work of arts in itself. Using a straightforward lay-out that accentuates your best artworks on a visually stunning home page, the design will create an outside viewing environment. Simply post new works, divide information about yourself and promote your forthcoming shows with a subtle and attractive subject.

It is said that attractiveness is in the eyes of the observer, but the subject matter salon is generally attractive. Developed for the body and cosmetics industries, the templates include a reservation function that lets you schedule meetings with customers, track your service and pricing, and promote your product and special offers.

These popularities require that Yoga students differentiate themselves and there is no better way to do this than with the Yoga Studio Wix submission. Calm and tranquil, the topic will address all of your prospective customers' Chakras. Events Planners can help inspire confidence by offering prospective buyers everything they need to know about your service, such as a galleries, an overview page and even a contacts page.

Give them everything they need for their next camp site experience with a shop artwork specifically designed to showcase all the equipment needed for the most challenging outings. Fortunately, there are still many businesses that specialise in the sales of stationary and related products, and the Paperie issue was designed with them in mind. What's more, the Paperie issue has been designed with the paper industry in mind. What's more, the Paperie issue is still a very important one.

Featuring a distinctive look that accentuates the collection, the model is ideal for shops that offer a large selection of collection for each one. Action and modelling are independent artistic genres and deserve to be recorded in a folder like any other form of work. Actor & Model Resume makes it simple, with a style sheet that emphasizes your biggest asset.

When you work in an area that demands that you create a project pipeline of your work, there is no better way than to create your own website. The Wix is a great place to do that, and the graphic design library is a great subject to do it with. This eye-catching topic, which presents all your best project on a neat raster, will give prospective customers an insight into your skills.

Restaurant Site provides everything you need for a restaurant to be able to compete in what is often referred to as the hardest business, with a digital master d' able to make bookings, place orders and provide a meal for your prospective customers. Don't worry, because Wix's polystatic topic has got you covered. Polystat gracefully presents the visions of your start-up with a stunning, almost mesmerizing, inspired heavenly backdrop in a one-sided look.

Would you like to make a website for your eatery, but who has thehyme? Throw your eye on the vegetarian topic! Featuring an elegant and contemporary look that contains only your most beautiful pictures, this pattern is sure to reveal the greens. Featuring an eCommerce utility, a menus and a weblog, the Vegetarian Dining Room provides a healthful range of functions to help you work out the good things for years to come.

Biking has never been as big as it is today, and if you are a retailer looking for a place to buy from, it is a good way to take a look at the bike shop. Navigating radiates revenue, although the primary picture may not be suitable for your service. Due to the drag-and-drop feature, it's simple to change the wallpaper or customize it using the HTML5 compliance provided with the download.

For Wix-Designer, eating and dining templates seem to be quite a big thing, and that's never been so clear as when looking at the delicatessen themed. Where it' s not so easy to create suspense just by owning these skills, the submission of Wix goes to the point - and it has never been so easy to advertise your service, force an audience and increase your efficiency.

Never mind the name of this artwork - the lay-out is actually quite flexible enough to accommodate a particular market segment or a particular type of floor. You will want to change the wallpaper if you are outside the child's wardrobe but this is done simply via the template's built-in preferences. It also has a host of highly reactive capabilities, but the Desktop edition is better for display, so you don't have to customize every available piece of your designs by hand.

No matter whether you are a legal secretary or just working on a legal website for a particular mandator, you won't go off the rails with the IP office submission. It' s easy, classy and sleek, with lots of room for contents, amazing pictures and medias in general. Also, the navigational toolbar is eye-catching and attractive - making this a great tool for professionals.

Here is a good looking pattern that can do more than just whet the observer’ appetite. What a great way to make a good impression! Food Photography is a great way to present your food expertise, advertise a specific food item or utility, or even discover the exciting worlds of food photography on-line. The simplified lay-out makes surfing simple - which means an audience spends more and less navigating through crowds of information and more and less review work.

It is a must for all exterior enthousiasts out there (or for those who have a general interest in the niche) to submit an exterior portfolio of designs. Even the wallpaper provided in the artwork is quite convincing in itself - but that doesn't mean that you can't do your own work to really personalise the outline.

All in all, it is a styleful design that transmits a certain kind of messages without hesitation. Featuring a refined, wash aesthetics and a unique, complementary lay-out, the Music Artist artwork is a great way to foster a new gift, support a particular act, or even publicize a big occasion. Is there a better way for your audiences to make an appointment than with an amazingly simple invite outline?

A surprise birthday invite may seem easy at first sight, but after thorough consideration, it is quite clear that the singular optical features will make a major contribution to reinforcing the effect of a particular party or occasion. If you are interested in fashions and designs or just have fun stitching - having a pattern like the Textile Studio to advertise your work is a good way.

You' ll have it simple to keep up with your latest blogging technologies and show your talent at the same time, thanks to the integrated blogs page. This homepage is also nothing to mock; it is actually a fully-fledged work of artwork that makes it very simple to adapt. It does everything it says on the can and more - and it's as stylish as it is exquisite.

No matter if you run an on-line clothing shop or want to share the latest fashions directly with your public, this guide makes it as simple as switching your denim. Putting aside the colour schemes - the lay-out makes it simple to present a statement without having to develop the aesthetic yourself for long periods of time.

Wix's fashions & styles blogs topic makes it simple for you to profile yourself on-line with content-oriented functions such as a blogs, large headers, socially shared badges and even a place for advertising. Do you want to create your own or your own style? This is what makes Wix Strip Headers Layout so attractive.

It allows the user to rebuild a website basically from the ground up and offers everything you need for work and nothing else. Ideal for private or commercial web sites and everything in between, Strip Header Layout gives you limitless options. Here is a topic that we really like to look at.

This By The Brochures subject would be perfect for use as an on-line bookshop, an author's biographical website or anything that refers to literary works in general. Fonts are nice and the overall look is very kind and convincing - making them an excellent place to sell/promote a particular product or series of products or just blogs when you're in the spirit.

With our next topic we consider it culinary orientated for a while, and the Italian restaurant is as classy as it is fashionable. This is a fantastically imaginative design, and you'll appreciate the use of Rose and Blues to give your customers a better understanding of what they can look for in masculine and feminine choices.

It' s a great place to present the artists or the bands to the public, but what we really liked about this design was the diversity of the different sections. Party magicians may not be everyone's thing - but it will definitely fit with those in the mage world.

Without at least naming the Gourmet Food Shop model, we couldn't address topics that had been influenced by the foodstuff. Everything from the extra virgin olive to the canned batch - the pictures are already there, so all you have to do is brand yourself and your own logo, and the remainder will talk for itself. It is also suitable for an even better public perception.

It is not only suited for the above -mentioned alcoves - it is actually quite versatile in terms of the overall picture. When you upload the pictures, you have an appealing website size that matches your product, service or general message. Here is an eye-catching topic that will occupy the audience from the first moment they access the website.

Astrology will only be suitable for prospective astrologers and enthusiastics, but if you consider that the alcove includes tens of thousands of people, it is hardly the smallest group. Its design comes with HTML5 as default and can be completely customizable so it's surprisingly easy to deploy your own custom feature set and functionality without having to change bit and piece for an hour.

When you have something you want to focus on, Wix topics don't come much better than the Art Director portfolio. It' s fast and can display a wide range of pictures, and thanks to its built-in HTML5 compliance, there's no need why you couldn't deploy a wide range of functions, contents and more.

It' s also free, so testing it has never been so easy - especially if you have a small money supply. Any musician could profit from a great website, and considering that the Music Artist themed now offers e-commerce capabilities, living sound capabilities and general presentation of talents - it's a breeze if you like the look of the master.

Well, here's a great-looking topic that radiates a sense of class and excellence without even trying it out. By overlooking the picture used on the backdrop and focusing on the layouts themselves, you get a great-looking lay-out that can meet a wide range of requirements. Obviously this topic is better suitable for a technology alcove, but if it is adapted via the HTML tool, there is no need why it could not mirror a wide range of industry sectors.

We have seen over the years several hundred uniquely looking web topics, but the Web Studio topic still stood out from the masses. Changing the pictures in favour of your own is no big thing, as the layouts will still be pleasant to read and easy to use.

Admittedly, modifying the background image of this topic can be harmful to the overall holiday mood in the original, but that doesn't mean you can't customize the colour schemes and typefaces using HTML. It' s an unbelievably classy subject - and not just because of the sulking wife.

As the name implies, the design focuses on visual items, but after downloading you are free to decide what you like. HTML5 functions make changes simple for new endusers and experienced developers who want to optimize the overall look and feel. We' ve already talked about how much Wix loves their theme foods, but this one really does take the cookie.

Privately owned cooking is the embodiment of elegant design - and not just because of the enticing wallpaper. Stylish and competent - something that all home cooks want to radiate. A further industry-specific presentation now, this year with the topic classic vehicle garage.

Anything but the layouts can be ignored, as you most likely want to delete the wallpaper in favour of your own. Everybody doesn't have much to say - and if you don't care too much about the impact of your website's contents on its on-line presence, you might want to look at the minimalist small brand submissions.

And if you like templates that do all the work for you, take a look at the Diet Assistant topic. HTML5 compliance makes it simple to change the text, customize the effect and generally change the overall look of the site, but you can just let the pictures go.

Fashion Boutique is a departure from this normalcy and offers an enhanced way for designer to personalise their pages. It' s a delight to have a clear navigational panel, and the organised rectangles make it an incredibly simple job to switch between pictures that present clothes and contents that make known what you have to show.

Guesthouses, hotel and recreation centres will immediately recognise the full extent of this topic and take good pride in taking good action with minimum effort. Breathtaking wallpaper. Colour may vary depending on the wallpaper - but it's simple enough if you already have a few stylish pictures available.

Emerging musicians are delighted - here's a sample that represents your messages immediately and without the need to hit your audiences with sound as soon as the website load. This hip-hop performer radiates flair from every opening, and as if that weren't enough, he's also fully reactive and has full HTML5 code.

Just change the picture on your own and the remainder will fall into place. Your author page is not your daily life page - it is impassioned, appealing and interesting as usual. Die Welt is your austere animal as far as this model is concerned, and it would fit entrenched and casual oysters alike - so take a look now.

These are just a few of the few Wix templates available on-line. If you are a professionals looking for a trusted subject that radiates what you do in seconds, or if you are a creator who wants to bring out your talent while helping the planet, we trust you have found a product to your taste.

Just keep in mind that the templates just serve as a point of contact - and for us there are really no limits to how creatively your website designing can be. Try one or two templates, see how they work for your preference, and then lean back and relax and experience the results - after all, most of these templates are free to use.

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