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They can start with a simple blog and then later develop into a full-fledged website or online shop. Blogs Pages | Help Center As soon as you insert the blog, a page entitled Blog will be added to your website where your blog is located. That page contains your blog feedback and shows all your blog entries. It also adds a new hiding page to your website, known as a Single Post Page.

It is a vibrant page that shows your custom blog post when a user on the blog page hits it. Hint: your blog pages.

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Fortunately, with today's code-free website building, you don't need a diploma to create and share your own website. Today we would like to introduce you to some of the great sites that have been designed with the Wix WebsiteBuilder. Today's collection shows web sites with integrated Wix-bllogs. Note that the screen shots taken by us may give you a false idea of the overall look of these sites.

It is recommended that you take a close look at each website to see its layout, header, footer and other items. A map is used on the homepage to inform the visitors immediately about the orientation of the enterprise. Click on a map to go to the store area where you can search the product and place orders (the website uses Wix's own trading platform).

It has a blog where website users post about what's trendy in the bag making business, sharing fashions and promoting their own wares. Designing the website looks quite easy, all pictures and items in the catalog are shown against a snow-white backdrop.

Helping to draw users' awareness to the things they actually need. It' a great choice for a blog that provides easy to go to the shops! MikoDesign.nl is a website of the Rotterdam-based designer Erika Harberts. Your blog has a neat look, lets you look for tag searches and also has Recent post and feature post blogs.

This website is characterized by a clear, tidy and eye-friendly layout. There'?s nothing to distract the user's interest here. There is not much information on the homepage about the blog, its owners or the news it wants to communicate. Instead, this information is available in 9 parts of the home page that contain not only details about the blog, but also videos, photography Tutorials, posts, and more.

This blog is delivered with the integrated on-line store where the best works of the originator are sold. Easy but effective blog example based on the Wix-Plattform! Everyone on a dieting should be careful with the website of TheScranLine.com; it contains pictures that will make you really starving!

This delicious blog belongs to Nick Makrides, an Aussie confectioner and photography aficionado. Scran Line mirrors Nick's love of fashion and fashion and his exceptional skills as a professional still photography artist. Nick?s website captivates with its love for detail and creativity. Its blog uses an almost "classic", well-known wix-blog theme, but it's still unbelievably nice.

Results are stunning - the blog looks cool, neat and professionally designed; the location of the page items is well thought out. In addition to Wix's Blogging features, he uses the Galerie features to present his design-related work, a subscription questionnaire, a contacts page, and the inclusion of community outreach. This website is brand-name from the pavicon to the bottom line.

Congratulations on a great website, Nick! NoraMinno.com is a website of a chartered nutritionist and a chartered personnel coach located in New York, NY. Your minimalist blog has a clear typeface and a bright colour scheme. And the first thing that attracts the interest of those visiting this Wix-based blog is the large slide bar, which contains clear, high-resolution photographs and text to help keep your readers excited about flicking through the blog.

Besides, the homepage includes the Widget of Welfare which you can access to exchange your thoughts and thoughts about diet and lifestyle with like-minded people. BezlDesign attracted our interest. com was the extensive use of white space. BezlDesign's blog has a robust design that provides a lot of information without overextending the readers.

This blog is built using the advantages of the Wix Website builder. Accordingly, this is mirrored in the layout of the website. In addition to the other practical functions, it makes good sense mentioning the accessibility of in-depth information about the products to which the blog is dedicated. Their blog incorporates their prescriptions and histories.

It' s about minimumism, love of detail and the meaningful use of type. The Wix-based blog includes all the functions most people appreciate today. Comprehensive use of white space contributes to attracting the visitor while clear and large photographs make the experience even more enjoyable. Contents of the website are not only restricted to the blog area.

He also presents interesting and basic recipies that can make up the whole afternoon - so tasty and special are the meals! Overall, the site looks a little simplistic, but that doesn't stop the user from coming back again and again. This blog is well organized, interesting, informative, readable and contains many useful tips you may need in different circumstances.

This is a great example of a blog whose appeal is out of the question! What a great blog! Soup-Studios. com is a Wix-based website owned by Derek Edward Pfohl, an expert restaurateur whose decision was to build the website to unite his creative, logical and spiritual skills. Visiting the homepage you will be enthusiastic about its attractive and eye-catching look with a lush colour range.

Most of the homepage is a large photograph that draws users' interest to the blog's theme and shows the author's professionality from the beginning. However, this is sufficient to obtain as much information as possible about the writer and his works. Altogether, the blog is designed to meet the needs of those looking for a skilled professional to photograph!

AngelinaDarrisaw.com is a private website owned by Angelina Darrisaw, an internationally renowned professional trainer, corporate identity expert, corporate identity and strategy expert for online communications. Ms. Benn is the founding partner of C-Suite Trainer, a professional development training and information technology services company that offers professional development and training services to those who need this information. Website is designed according to the theme of the page.

Related components are merged into a unique design that best reflects the website creator and her work. Bright grey homepage backgrounds help to draw users' interest to the author's photograph and information about her. It' sind "Home", "About", "C-Suite Coach", "Press", "Blog", "Appearances" et "Contact".

It is a pretty popular blog pattern that will certainly be a hit! This site is called after the writer and presents her creative ideas in the best possible way. This blog has a unique, clear and concise layout, with many attractive features that emphasize the author's message in each article.

Contributing to a better view of the contents is the whiteness of the homepage wallpaper. This blog is rich in interesting contributions by Jan Avellana describing her lives and what happened. Some of the blog's main features are the pictures and quotations that come with every article and that accurately and comprehensibly convey the author's thoughts.

Blogs authors pay particular care to the prompt updating of contents. But the only drawback of the blog are small writings, which are hardly noticeable on the bright homepage backgrounds. That makes the read operation more difficult and can be a serious obstacle for some people.

Whilst it can be difficult to build a truly singular blog that is different from the many found on line, it is unbelievably simple to launch a neat, well-structured blog where all your contents are presented intelligently, making your audience's browsing easier. Colourful header and user-defined background are not a good blog.

A blog needs an intelligent graphical layout and a solid hierarchical page element system. In order to make an excellent blog, you need to get up to speed with the latest thinking and creativity, but you don't have to go too far and experiment with designs. www.wix.com a blog with Wix!

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