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One of the most user-friendly website creators on the market. Have a look at my detailed Wix rating and see if this Web Builder is right for you. 13 Important Things You Should Know Before Using Wix (September 18)

It'?s show day! Wix designs are ready-made web sites. And you can keep the contents of the original version and post it immediately if you want. However, even if you are pressed for a while, you need to make some fast adjustments. Substitute the text of the model e.g. with your own website name. Resizing is a snap by pulling a slider:

It' also easy to easily download from your computer or other on-line account such as Facebook or Flickr. You' ll soon find that you can really turn this into something extra. Almost any function (headline, picture, menue or whatever) can be brought to live by zooming, hiding or even rotating it on the page.

It also has several hundred added functions that you can easily drag and drop onto the templates. Blog, dinner menu, contacts, music player, map, interactive slideshow, videos background, etc... much more than we can enumerate here. As soon as you have added more functions, many can be adjusted by resizing and behaving differently and creating special effect animations.

Wix's free online entertainment will save you a lot of free choice and work. When you see what you can do with a Wix submission, you may be astonished. However, Wix does not give you the full liberty to convert your original. Additional functions also have their limits. As an example, you can only use Wix's wallpapers.

It is not possible to create your own videos and use them as backgrounds. Also, if photographs are an important part of your website, you may be a little bit disappointed with the picture adjustment features. Can' t move a picture in a single drawer, and the built-in picture viewer is very easy.

For a full-fledged image editing experience, visit the 1&1 Website Builder, MyWebsite (free trial) or SiteBuilder.com (free map). Featuring a free new Wix function that performs user-defined operations to make your website even more powerful - and saves you even more work. You can tell him, for example, to watch a particular movie only for first-time use.

Or, tell him to show a reservation sheet for a visitor in a specific timezone. It' s good for fundamental adjustments, but it really begins to sparkle when you get more imaginative and begin to add additional functions. While you can't take full charge by manipulating the HTML, you can create a great website with very little technical expertise.

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