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So you don't need a wix website to make your own place. Then simply click on "Login" below to enter the editor. i Add a basket symbol Now you can include the basket symbol on your pages, which shows the number of articles added and lets your clients check out from any page of your shop or website. It can be added to any page of your website and sits in the permanent location on the page.

This is useful if you always want to show the basket at the same place on the page, e.g. in the head or side bar area. If activated, the hovering basket symbol is held in the page border and follows you as you browse the page. It is handy for the customer as they can always see it regardless of the scrolling location. for help.

Used to insert a basket icon: Log in to your Wix Website Editor and browse to the Pages page navigation. If you want to include it at a specific point on the page, click Join To Page in the Join A Basket section. If you want it to hover in the page corners, click in the section entitled Ad a Flotating Shopping Card Symbol on Ad to Page.

We will add the standard look and feel to your website. Post the site to adopt the changes. Easily change the look of your trolley by modifying the symbol, its design, frame, location on the page, and all without encoding.

Changes you make to the look of the trolley are previewed to help you make the necessary adjustments. Configures the trolley design: Select the Basket symbol and click the Settings tool. Activate the Hide empty basket if you only want to show the basket when the customer adds something to it.

Only available for Floating Shopperart. Choose the page angle or page in which the basket is shown in the section Basket Items. Only available for Floating Shopperart. In the Display Preferences in the Symbol Scale & Contents section, specify the symbol sizes and the information you want to display.

Specify the symbol category. Choose a pocket, trolley or trolley icon: Choose the form of the edge of the icon: pills, rectangles or no edge at all. Once you have completed the configuration of the checkout display, post your website to accept the changes.

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