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Examples of Wix websites

Portfolio examples | Wix by Wix.com As far as on-line portals are concerned, it's not only the work examples that need to impact your prospective customers, but also the way they are presented. Using so many code-free utilities like Wix, Weebly or uKit you can build a nice repository without programming skills. We' ve put together some Wix-based sample portals for you to see what true Diny sites look like.

Between leading design team, designing various campaign concepts and scripting, Lexi Corn found the amount of free space to build this nice web site Mostlexcellent.com. This is a great example of a well-designed project that shows a number of different portfolios she has worked on. First of all, the website attracts the user through the light and somewhat unanticipated colour combo.

At first glance, the website looks quite straightforward, but contains a number of different designs that draw a visitor's eye to the author's message. Even the collection itself is distinguished by the compelling videos, pictures and descriptions of the individual works. If you are interested in the portfolios and would like to contact the website owner, please visit the "Contact" section on the homepage.

PatientThomasParnell.com is a website for designers and designers. Patrick's inspirational portfolios reflect his love of comic books and illustrations. With this well-designed website you will get an impression of the author's work. This website is a great portfoliopattern based on the Wix-Plattform. One of the most important elements that draws the eye of every viewer from the very beginning is the backdrop in which the author's works are unusually blended.

For more information about the website holder and his works, there is an amazing 8-point menus on the website. This is an exceptional and notable example of a portfolios site that is definitely worthy of your while! Speckmd.com - Website, using the same pattern as Patrick's is.

This is a high-quality full-screen wallpaper with a current Miami based projekt and the use of complementary colours. A single glance at the website gives the visitor an impression of its concept. It makes the site's web browse experience fun and easy to understand. Those features are more than sufficient to come to the conclusion that the website is a winning portfoliosample built with Wix.

StevenWeathers. tv is a website of the US TV host in Shanghai, who currently runs two shows a week. Our product range shows how important corporate design is in the TV-business. It is not necessary to search the website to search for information about the property holders. Here you will find extensive information about the website holder, his biographical details, private photogallery, contacts, charity work, Stevens shows, interview, etc.

At first glance, the website's appearance looks rather complex, but is still designed with user-friendliness in view. Thanks to Wix Website Builders the most important facts are summarized in one place! Not only does the high-quality full-screen wallpaper on DustinLaurenzi.com's website immediately show the true essence of his talents, but also his skills as a web-engineer.

Neat and minimalistic, the site concentrates on the most important things. This website is based on the Wix-Plattform in the best tradition of modern website construction. It is more than just an usual collection, it is an information source containing the complete facts about the website owners, the photogallery, the musician's diskography, his video clips and contacts.

The website is an excellent example of the well realized concept Wix made. The thing we like most about this website is the designer's painstaking eye for detail. The thing we like most about this website is the designer's painstaking eye for detail. Particular emphasis should be placed on the organisation of the photographic and videogalleries.

Every visitor has the opportunity to view the work of the website owner to see their advantages and the degree of professionality that will help make any history come alive. Designed on the Wix-platform, this web site owes credit and exposure to those looking for the best videos, photos and webs.

Website has a consistent look thanks to consistent colours, font and other items. This homepage has a colourful full-screen picture in which other items are wasted. Remaining parts of the designs are fine. It helps to emphasize the basic concept of the website and to present the website owners' project in the cheapest and easiest way possible.

Each individual product comes with a detailled descriptive text to unveil its nature and a slide show photogallery to enhance impact and understand the concept. Altogether this is a great example for the Wix! web site, which was designed with Wix! in mind. KarlieKloss.com is a website of Karlie Kloss - a super model and businessman.

It is a harmonic blend of a promotional website and a product range containing all the necessary information about the writer. It is the website itself, its look and feel, that attracts users' interest from the very first seconds of their visit. It' simple to just go down and search a website to see the information about Karlie and some of her most popular works.

Those who are interested in looking at the whole range can gain direct entry from the homepage. These colorful photographs contrast strikingly with the whites of a website backdrop. Concealed menus do not divert the attention of the users from the site contents, while the button of the community web site is clearly displayed on the right part of the homepage.

This website is one of the most prominent examples of Wix built properties. A well thought-out collection, reflecting Ashley Pearce's commitment to researching lively and colourful ideas, all of which appear on a light backdrop. It is owned by a UK-based designer and manufacturer of mask templates, headgear, marriage equipment and attire.

There are several ways for website members to join the company: they can either subscribe to Magic's newsletters or track them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or YouTube. Presumably the enterprise first produced this blogs and then a full website. Between the creation of his artwork and the operation of the blogs, Ashley found the period to create a shop area for his website.

There are two ways to shop at Mystique Magic: through the Wix website with the Wix commercial search engines or by simply visiting the Etsy website and click on the Etsy button that will take you to the artist's Etsy shop. The Clichey. net is a web site dedicated to the portfolios of Jean Baptiste Soulliate - a professional designer, professional designer and art leader specializing in photography.

Photographers' professionality is brilliantly reflected in the website's layout and layout. All you see on the homepage is a full-screen slide control that allows accessing the product family. Click ing on the "See Now" icon to go to the author's detailed photographic reports. This website provides fast and simple browsing and a comfortable user experience that is highly appreciated by people.

Juliet KodlArt.com is a website by Californian painter Juliiet Kodl, who has created an on-line Wix product line that mirrors not only her abilities and talent, but also her person. Website designs are minimalist, easy and very stylish at the same tim. There is a private owners page and the integrated Etsy Shop, where you can not only buy one of the works of art created by the website owners, but also view the author's organic and client ratings.

Only a few characteristics that make this website out of the masses! Building a successfull investment plan is simpler than you think! Make it Easy, Easily Navigated, creative and keep in mind to incorporate some of the trendy web designing functions; bring your best contents to the fore and make it your potential customers easily to get in touch with you.

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