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E-commerce and VIP plans are the only options for online stores. Create your website with the cheapest Wix Plan. 2018 Wix price plans: Just buy what you need.

If you are just starting to start creating a website, you will like that Wix has a free site for you. Create your core website and try different designs without paying a dime. However, you' ll find you need more features to run your website efficientlyoner or later. When you want to get rid of the wix brand-name in your web site and the advertisements running on free web pages, it's your turn to switch to a pay per visit scheme.

The big one is: Which Wix price schedule is the best for you? Obviously, the "best" scheme for each individual is different because the needs of all people are different. We' ve looked through the various plans offered by Wix to help you choose the one that best suits your use.

The best way to do this is if you only need a basic website and need to cut every penny. It' also a good idea if you have to set up a website temporarily while waiting for a webmaster to create a website permanently. Let us start by explaining what you get with the free subscription scheme.

It' a good beginning, but there will be much more if you upgrad to the paying plans. Every Premier Plans offer: Wix Payed is the easiest pay Wix scheme for companies that want a low priced website with their ownomainname. With Connect Domains, you can substitute the bulky smith332.wixsite.com/mysite with a customized domainname that fits your company or blogname.

However, these are the only additional functions that come with the Connect Domain pricing label. 500 megabytes of space is the same as the free map, and you still have to put up with Wix ads on your website. Whilst it is a much less expensive than the corresponding lower level plans provided by other website builder, it is usually not really well worth the cost of the upgrades.

Its second Wix Payed scheme is where the choices really begin to come from, and in our view it is the best option for most small business. One of the main advantages of the combo schedule is that you can link your own customized domainname and eliminate these annoying wix adverts. However, there is an important hook that Wix has hidden in the fine printing - if you are paying per months for the combo subscription instead of a year' subscription, you will not be able to link your own family.

As the connection of a free domainname is one of the major causes for the change to the combo-plan, this is an important information. In this case, you can easily upgrad to the limited edition without loosing any of your website information or cash. There is only one exeption from our preferences for this schedule - and that is when Wix makes a promotion offering for the limited schedule, making it much cheaper than the combo schedule.

Then you return to the initial prize, which could bring the combo back to the best value for the prize. Indefinite planning is the best option for everyone: Normal cost per month is $12. 50 if you sign up for a year and $16/month on a free subscription, but at the moment Wix offers 50% discount on the annual cost.

You' re paying $6. 25 a year for the first year - far less than the combo scheme. Like the name implies, many of those who decide to go with the limited plans are because of its limitless bandwith. However, there is also a flaw here - if you decide on a monthly subscription, you cannot link your domainname AND have no right to download the applications or the coupon.

The Wiz e-commerce plans are the best options if you run a small company that you want to take on-line and a company that sells goods and/or service. As the name implies, it is aimed at e-commerce enterprises looking to enter the e-commerce world. Generally, you are paying $16.50 per month for an annual pass and $20 per month for a month pass, but there is currently a promotional offering for this scheme.

You only have to buy $8. 25/month if you buy an annual pass, which still makes it less expensive than the standard companion program. However, the prices normalize after the first year, so we only suggest to buy for the eCommerce plans when you need the shop first. The eCommerce Scheme provides you with a variety of utilities to help you run your on-line shop, complete with built-in payments capabilities, dispatch and control applications, and asset management monitoring capabilities.

In addition, you'll get 20 GB of disk space and the premier applications and promotional vouchers associated with the limited subscription to manage the amount of traffic on the site. Remember that if you choose to pay monthly rather than annual, you will loose on those premier applications that connect to your own domains and ad receipts.

Wix's top-tier plans are the V. I.P. plans. Ideally suited for sites with tens of millions of daily users and/or hundred of web pages, its key advantage is that, in addition to providing everything available in the eCommerce plans, it also provides the opportunity to create e-mail campaigning. Wix ShoutOut provides 10 free e-mail promotions per months for your clients.

Apart from that an added advantage is the unique opportunity to professionally check your website. Your website will be combed by an experienced web site analyst who will make recommendations for site improvements, customer experiences, site development and other areas. Currently, the annual subscriptions cost $24.50/month and the month contracts cost $30/month.

And, just like the other plans you get when you decide to make a monthly payment, you loose a number of benefits - the applications, the free domains, and the ad slip. Overall, we suggest the Club Package for clients who want to incorporate e-mail merchandising into their website expenses and want expert guidance on their website.

No matter if you are a new contractor, sell on-line or run an SME, Wix has a price scheme with which you can create a nice and efficient website to achieve your commercial objectives.

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