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Via SSL and HTTPS | Help Center on how to activate your SSL Certificates. Please click here to view important information about the HTTPS up-date. HTTPS - what is it? The Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Safe (HTTPS) is the safe transfer method used by your web browsers to communicate with websites. Using HTTP Web pages, all transmitted information may be retrieved or tampered with by an attacker.

When HTTPS pages are used, however, the information is encoded and verified and thus protected. At Wix, we are dedicated to safeguarding your privacy and that of your people. That' s why we make it simple and free for your website to become HTTPS. The information of the website visitor is encoded and therefore more safe. A lot of people are more convenient when shopping and sharing privacy information on-line when they visit backed up websites.

From early 2017, Google Chrome will display alerts at any time when a visitor goes to a website that doesn't use HTTPS. So if your site is not secure, your site users will receive a alert when they visit your site. Googles classifies HTTPS pages more favourably. The conversion of your website to HTTPS will therefore enhance your search engine optimization (SEO).

Is an SSL Certificates? Secure Sockets Layer or SSL Certificates allow your Web site users to display your Web site over an HTTPS link. This ensures the link between your web browsers and the website you visit. Your website will receive an SSL-Entry from Wix. If the URL starts with https:// instead of http://., you can see if your site has an SSL SSL SSL Certificates.

To indicate that your site does not have an SSL SSL Certificate, the site was URL shown in a web-browser with an ".i" icon: You will now see the website address in a web browser with a padlock symbol to indicate that it has an SSL Certificate: It will also generate a unique certification for each user-defined domains and subdomains associated with your website.

Several older browser do not fully understand the high security standard of our SSL Certificate. Non-supported portable browser include: to display or modify your website. For your site to be fully HTTPS-compliant, you must ensure that none of the HTML items on your site contains imbedded links to HTTP pages.

You get an alert if the page contains HTTP in the hyperlink. Hint: If the HTML item is HTTPS enabled, even if it contains an HTTP embeded hyperlink, it should work on the HTTPS page.

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