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Log in to the new Wix Blog | Help Center Get website users to sign up and sign in to get more out of your blogs! You need to sign up to post blogs. What are the registration and registration procedures for users? Website users register via the logon area. There are two different ways to access the Logon button: This is the screen that the visitor sees before registering or logged-in.

There is no log in panel. There is a log in panel, but it is located at the top of my blogs and not in the menus of my website. Today, when you are adding Wix Blogs to your website, you get the new Wix Member's Area. Previously, however, it came with the old member's page of the blogs.

It also has a log-in panel, but it registers users on the blogs, forums and member-only pages - not on your entire website. Have I the old member page or the area for new members and how do I change? What can I do to change the appearance of my log in panel?

In order to modify the member area access panel click on the panel in the editor and then adjust it with the available choices. What can I do to let my website users unsubscribe? to exit the website?

It is not possible to log in to your Wix account: Access to the e-mail account is not possible | Help Center

Don't forgetting to send us a good e-mail so that we can reply to you. You will be contacted if further information is needed for the validation proces. Enquiries sent with an e-mail addressed to our customer service will not be forwarded to our customer service department. Please note: We retain the right to designate and/or transfer title to an ACCOUNT or Website at our sole discretion.

In addition, we retain the right, at our absolute option, to refuse to grant anyone losing their login details the right to do so without any responsibility to any of the parties.

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