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* /path> Why? The Wix Embedded MySql libary provides a way to run true MySql as part of your embedded testing. You can run your testing on a production-like environment: comparison of release, coding, time zone, database/schema/user preferences; simple, much simpler than manually deploying the right release; you can use different releases/configurations per projekt without having to install locally;

multi-platform support:

Windows, Linux and OSX; Provides continuously upgraded mutiple version of MS SQL - 5. 5, 5. 5, 5. 6, 5. 7; Test matrices for all operating systems support (x86/x64) and version (5. 5, 5. 6, 5.7).

" "Additionally, you can specify extra setting of Embedded Misqql by setting configurations that have the basic AdditionalConfig style by passing them to an ActiveMysql Builder: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; " ", ", .

Creates an executable yar (wix-embedded-mysql-download-and-extract-2.2.7-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar) that you can call with yar a java yar wix-embedded-mysql-download-and-extract-2.2.7-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies. yar $majorVersion $minorVersion and it will install and unpack the required installation program for you.

In addition, you should give the downloaded location to your test so that it can set your downloaded Config#withCacheDir to use that location instead of fetching it from the web. Once you have identified the latest release of the application and the desired release, Wix Embedded MySql downloads the right release of dev.mysql.com and extracts the required data to the locale file.

Once executed, the required data sets are placed in the destination directory, the data base is built, the services are launched and the mail configurations (user, scheme, etc.) are made. Java shutdown stops the mySQLld processing and cleans up temp file. latest OSX; ubuntu precise 32/64; Windows 2012; 5.7 and later. 18, Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package must be preinstalled under Microsoft Visual C++ 5.5 or higher.

must be pre-installed on your computer, but this is not the case with some distribution.

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