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pizza with pizzas Join us at our place where we are a whole team! Throughout the years our obsession for a better quality has influenced every choice and the quality of the food we have made... because the last thing we wanted to be was a pizzeria.

Rather than investment in a gimmick, we spend it on the freshest ingredient. We stack them high on our own crispy, unfrozen cake.

Don't your boyfriends and your relatives get you? A lot of folks felt the same way until they started joining the Pizza Time Pizza Familiy. We' re your right familiy. Team up with the Pizza Time Pizza Team.


Here you will study many basic mathematical issues that you will take with you for years after leaving my group. There' some things you should always keep in mind in this class: It'?s all important in this grade. Maths is built on itself, so it is a must to pay close attention in such a basic course!

Mathematics can be performed in the right way in several ways. You' ll find my curriculum with a detailled diary of our classes, home tasks, forthcoming quiz, test, project and lab schedules, as well as additional lending pages, maths rap, project, games und song pages that may be useful in this grade.

As a rule, I also remain every Tuesday and Thursday until about 15:40 after leaving camp for additional help.

ground chips

This is an interdisciplinary group of researchers working mainly with the University of Lund in Sweden. Inspired by our multifaceted background in microbiology, biotechnology, mycorrhizas, macrofluidics, mutal istic evolutions, and biochemistry, we are creating new opportunities to explore the micro-organisms in soils. Comprehending what happens in ground ecosystems has always been a major scientific task.

Whether you are interested in the underground chemistry process or the communities and sybotic relations that have developed there, working with microsoils poses a number of unique problems, such as portraying their extremely heterogeneous microscale and overcome badly visible microsoils. We try to learn more about soilsystems and their susceptibility to microbes by simulating environment parameters and synmbiotic interaction in floors with the help of chipsystems.

Floor chipping at the MicroNano Systems Workshop (MSW 2016) in Lund.

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