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Note: Site Reviews are only available with the following premium plans: The results are examined and their locations reviewed. Submit Your Website For Review | Help Center Important: Site Reviews are only available with the following Premier Plans: Immediately generate a customized step-by-step wiz that shows you how to enhance the overall performance of your website's advancedEO. One click is all it takes to have your site submitted to Google Search Console for review, making your site much quicker to be Google searched and tracked. to get up and running with Google Wiz!

Once you have finished all the stages in the Wiz Wizard program, take a look at your results and email us your queries and worries. Websites with shops also get an evaluation of their shops. For submitting your website for review: In the VIP Plan Voucher section, click Apply Now.

Fill in your data and click Send. It is our goal to give you the most precise and precious feed-back, so it is important to send your website only after you have finished its look and feel, its contents and update all your information in the editor. Don't forget to publish after you've made changes in your editor.

The Wix Review on how to create a Wix site - September 2018

With Wix's Artificial Design Intelligence, you can set up your company's website in just a few moments or spend a little more of your own space and use your premium website technology to design a personalized, contemporary and professionally looking website. However, if you have programming expertise, Wix people can now fully utilize their Web site code - thanks to Wix Code - to construct some of the most adaptable Web pages on the Web.

Shopkeepers across all sectors can select from over 500 beautiful and sophisticated template designs or use Wix's empty Wix Web site editor to rebuild their site from the ground up - a great choice if you want more complete creative management for your site. However, while the cutting edge utilities and functions that are added all the while take up the heavy work of the website build proces, you should be willing to take some getting acquainted with all these items (and the countless possibilities the Wix Developer has to offer) to get the most out of the Wix-platform.

Wix brought its Artificial Design Intelligence onto the market in 2016, which should justifiably be mentioned and is therefore addressed below, followed by our extensive Wix Review, which investigates the most important website creator. With 11 years of website building expertise from over 100,000 million people, Wix's ADI only needs the basics of your company to create a custom website in just a few moments.

For what type of company would you like to build a website? Choosing a theme type (there are 6 themes to pick from, but you can modify them later). You may not like certain items in the theme or contents, and the ADI will expect this, so it has a step-by-step tutorial to help you through the edits.

In each phase of the machining operation, Wix ADI will offer you the option to modify the selected item for you, or you can make the changes yourself. When you decide that the ADI will make the changes before your eye, it moves through the Edit menu and shows you where to click to make the same changes itself.

ADI' s step-by-step editing procedure and its way of instructing the operator makes it an unbelievably useful utility for first-time website builders who may be less technically adept. If you are looking for more controls or want to be sure to create your website from beginning to end, we suggest using the Wix Editors, which are genuine and efficient.

Featuring over 500 beautifully crafted and professional-looking layouts to select from, you're guaranteed to find one that suits your Wix needs. Browse the artwork, from "Business" to "Online Store", from "Photography" to "Restaurants" and "Blog" to "Accommodation", it's simple to see that Wix has put a lot of effort into designing its artwork, not only from a qualitative point of view, but also to provide artwork that is clearly tailored to the broadest industry spectrum of any website builder (there are 16 major category of artwork and over 70 distinct subcategories to be precise).

It is really useful for shopkeepers who are not quite sure how to build their website or what items to incorporate, or just don't have the amount of free space to really planning the look of their website. For those with a clear vision and a clear layout blueprint in their minds, Wix also provides an empty Canon Editors that lets you take advantage of the ease of your Drag&Drop Builders to rebuild your website from the ground up.

Wix's templating libraries may seem awesome at first, so make sure you take the moment to open some of the templating to get a true sense of the website's look and function. Mouse over any preset in the libraries and click "View" - browse through the home page, go to your own pages, interact with items on the site, and toggle between your portable and your Desktop view to get the best idea of your upcoming site.

Please be aware that although most template are free, some template categories come under a different price heading, such as a range (but not all) of "Hotels" and "E-Commerce" template categories. TIP: If you take the trouble to toy with the originals and are sure of your own choices, you will be saving yourself a lot of distance work.

As soon as you begin to edit the chosen style sheet, you can no longer switch to another style sheet. This can only be done by opening a new style sheet and copying/pasting your contents into the new style sheet. TIP: If you publish your artwork with Wix Stores, Wix Hotels and Wix Restaurants, you will need to update to the appropriate premium plan to gain full functionality.

As soon as you have chosen your submission, you will be redirected to Wix's website editor - or, as we like to say, where the true joy begins! No matter if you are a first or a little more experienced use, you will find the UI simple to use, with an infinite array of items that you can easily insert, modify, customize as well as delete from your website.

Using the Editor menus on the leftside (as shown in the picture above), you can manage the wallpaper of your website, submit your own pictures, video and text, create a series of Wix Apps - parent website items such as a blog, galleries, appointment widgets (we'll review them further in this review) and manage any In-Page items you think of, such as

In addition, Wix Vector gives the user over 3,000 images, symbols, logo's, tagges and more to work with. They can also upload video to their YouTube channels and immediately see it on their website and buy, hire or advertise subscription sales on a per -month basis with no provision. Located to the right of the Notepad, the Notepad toolbar allows you to quickly manipulate the item you click.

It' quite self-explanatory, but a click on the badge'?' opens a help field that explains all available settings. You can use this edit dialog to change the size, color, fonts, effect and more (the edit settings differ depending on the selected item type) of the selected item.

You can also open a number of shortcut keys when you click certain items, including the ability to move the item, modify hyperlinks, get help, and more. TIP: Also see the head menu: The "Pages" allows you to switch pages in the Notepad and the cell symbol opens the Notepad.

It was opened to all people in December 2017 and allows us to dynamically generate pages, gather information to help us set up a data base, extract it to a CSV and enhance the site's capabilities with JavaScript and API integration. Now, Wix website publishers can simply develop Web apps and data bases to administer their contents and use the performance of Wix-APIs to connect to outside service providers.

Within seconds, Wix members can respond to a few basic queries and create a personalised corporate identity. The Wix software generates a portable copy of your selected templates and saves you valuable work by using exactly the contents and items you have modified on your desktops. Not only does the WixEditor give you the ability to manipulate or even conceal certain items for you without modifying the site's appearance, it's a real advantage of the WixEditor.

Clicking the top right corner button of the menus will switch your screen to the advanced version of the software where you will get a longer version of your website and 3 major edit options: Modify the wallpaper or colours of your portable website only. Cell phone: Here you have 3 more ways to optimize your cell phone website.

Change your page design to'Mobile Favorite View'. In this way it is ensured that your website provides your visitors with a more readable and usable website experience (e.g. easy to mobile) instead of displaying the screen design on your device. Place a small pushbutton on your portable website that lets your user click back to the top of the page.

Portable Action Bar: Add a tool bar in the bottom of the user's portable display with button icons to call your company, view your e-mail /physical addresses, link to your company's CSR profile or open the side tool. Concealed items: Here you can choose the items you want to conceal from the portable part of your website.

While Wix' Mobil editors are certainly a bit better than the others, here are 2 hints to keep in mind: TIP: The Notepad optimises your templates for your phone automatic. Items that you have added to your templates by hand are not optimised for your phone by default (in our case with an Instagram Feeder and an Instagram Slider).

Keep in mind to launch the Mobil Tag and change the size of any items you want to include in your pre-built templates (but the real procedure of changing the size of items for Mobil devices is fast and easy). TIP: The Notepad will display your website on a long cell telephone, which means that it will display more contents in one screen than you would actually see on a cell telephone until you see the website previewed.

Note this if there are certain items that you want to show above the fold - and always review the view in previews as well. The Wix Mobile application allows mobile phone owners to..: Wix Mobile is available for both android. Wix probably has an application that covers all the items you could wish for on your website, from reservation form to gallery, e-commerce, comments and website searching to online video sharing.

They are free, optimised for portable use, customisable and can be added to your website with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, most applications are free of charge. You can access the Apple Store using the Notepad in the navigation bar on the right. After the opening of the application store Wix presents you the Top 5 applications for your template / your businesstype.

Whatever your kind of store, the Wix Blogs page builds a special page on your website where you can post, modify and plan your blogs. Pro Gallery provides enhanced picture adjustments such as picture security, Q and Sharpening, layouts, downloading capabilities and more. Build your own merchants gallery, order and stock management, and provide your customers with a safe check-out experience.

One of the most beloved e-commerce plans -'Unlimited Store' - begins at $24.92 per month. How much does it cost? Learn more about the Wix e-commerce features in our WixStores test. Available to both iPhone and Android customers, this portable application allows you to do everything from accepting orders on-line to handling to-go orders and customising menu items. Wix recommends 123 Formula Builder, which allows you to build custom leader entry formulas, events registrations, newsletters subscriptions, on-line reservations, polls and more.

Free of charge allows you to generate up to 5 form templates and get up to 100 entries per year. E-mail campains can be generated in ShoutOut Editor, where you can customise pictures, videos, text and more. Free edition allows you to generate 3 e-mail campaign per months, send a max of 1,000 e-mails per months and include Wix brand-name.

The upgrade to a ShoutOut Plan contains the following features: Although the ShoutOut editors are very simple to use, they don't seem to take over the look and feel of your website artwork, but offer ready-made layouts or the'Start from Scratch' options. Wix Event allows you to administrate all your event under one umbrella.

They can even administer payments and transaction processing. And you can even allow your visitors to track, annotate and post comments. The Wix plattform provides the most complete in-editor technical assistance of any website builder we've tested. Inside the editors all help functions open as a pop-up, which can be shifted on the monitor during further editing of different items.

A number of choices are available to help you with the editor: Edit Help Center: opens a pop-up with a listing of help category, or begin entering your query and you'll see related responses. Key combinations for the editor: It appears similar to the help centre of the editors.

List popular key combinations such as (Ctrl + V = Paste) and editor-specific key combinations (such as Strg + J = Toggle between Mobil and Desktops views) that surely help saving your work. Brief video that explains how to use the WixEditor to add a number of functions to your website.

The Getting Found On-Line ( WIX SEO): Another pop-up window where you can view a movie or browse the website items that you can optimise with WIX to improve your SoEO. Whereas Wix's call centre (open Monday-Thursday, 18-17 PST) provides assistance, the Wix solution really tries to resolve your issues on-line to spare you the wait for a call with an account manager.

Subjects include 'How to Begin', 'Using Your Editor' and 'Mobile Features', 'Technical Difficulties', 'Feature Updates' and 'Wix App Market', as well as industry-specific help such as 'Setup Wix Hotels', 'Wix Pro Gallery' and more. Holders of Premier Plans receive their complimentary tickets or a call-back that is moved to a "Premier" line, and complimentary tickets from US or Canadian Premier customers are processed through the Wix Premier Service Area.

A lot has been said about the advanced features of website building tools like Wix, and while Wix sites have had some problems with Google listing and rankings in the past, a fast look at the latest editors reveals a variety of ways to improve your website for them.

You can find this function under the Help item in the Notepad. Once you have understood the fundamental concept of what constitutes AEO, this may be enough to show you how to manipulate the most important items. Site Manager (located in the Site section of the Notepad menu) allows you to administer the default site preferences, such as domains, mobiles, social preferences, as well as the inclusion of analytics and analytics.

If you move the mouse over any page within the Page drop-down list, a round icon will appear next to the page name. Allows you to manage page-specific items such as header tags and meta-descriptions, blogs the page to popular searchengines, creates a distinct page URL, and even displays a portion of the Google results page for that page.

You can access this step-by-step utility via the "Get Found On Google" shortcut under the "Site" option in the editors or via your dashboard (SEO Wizz can be found under "My Apps"). As soon as you type in your company name and 5 key words that best describe your offer, the wizard will draw up an online search engine optimization map for your website.

The wizard will encourage you to go into the Notepad to make these improvements by giving statements. TIP: Notice that the search map will disappear when you open the editors, so it may be useful to open the "SEO Help" field to accompany you on your way there. Go back to the Strategic Optimization Planning (SEO) page and see that it keeps an overview of your optimization efforts.

And if you're still not sure about the Wix features of Wix or your Wix site's ability to take its place in Google, read Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller's answer to the Google Central Help Forum December 2016: "Do Wix Websites rank bad in Google": It' s important to remember that successful streaming is not primarily determined by the builders you use to build your site, but by the steps you take to best optimise your site.

The optimization of your website for searching machines and user is the keys to a good Google rating and demands research, design and - in view of the use of Wix - a small amount of effort to finish all the above listed functions (an effort that brings you great advantages in regards to ratings and SEO).

Either make a connection (the actual domainname stays hosting on the actual domainname host) or move your domainname to Wix (Wix becomes the domainname host) - both option requires a Premier-plan. You can find an easily understandable manual for both choices in the Wix Help Center. You can buy Wix directly from Wix, but you must purchase an upgraded subscription to link it to your website.

Example: . com / . net / . org / . info org/ . bic / .co. uk domain names are free for one year in all annual schedules except the base schedule "Connect Domain" (see below for more detail on schedules). As the value of the chosen schedule grows, the amount of available disk space and bandwith will increase.

One of the most beloved schemes -'Unlimited' - provides 10 GB of disk space and unrestricted bandwith. For more information on memory and bandwith choices, see the maps below. A comparison of the functions and advantages of the individual Wix maps (both between the individual Wix maps and compared to the maps of other website builders) shows that the Wix maps are fairly evaluated and offer the best value for Wix customers.

Let's take Wix's most beloved scheme - 'Unlimited' - as an example. Remember that if you would build your website without a website builder, your minimal cost per months would be this: What would you pay? Please be aware that subscriptions bought on a per months base are more costly, which means that if you subscribe to an annual subscription, you will be saving approximately 20%-30% per year, dependent on the subscription used.

There are also two-year subscription plans available that reduce the subscription fee by approximately $1-$1.50 per monthly based on the selected subscription schedule. While free of charge accounts have full Wix database and Wix App Market and Wix App Market supportive ressources, they are restricted to only 500 megabytes (.megabytes) of disk space, Wix logo display on the site, and a non-unique domainname (format: username.wixsite.com/sitename/page-url).

A few are only available in the Premier Package. Wix's publisher continues to evolve with over 80 million sites built, and new functionality and upgrades are introduced every month. If you want to open an on-line chats function, for example, this can be done simply by attaching one of Wix's chats applications; if you want to open an on-line shop, you can attach the Wix Stores application to your website (you also need to update your website to a eCommerce Premier Plan).

In case a function you need does not exists or does not meet your expectation, it is possible that Wix is already working on an upgrade, according to how important it is for the user. There is a "Feature Requests" section in most parts of the Help Center that shows possible enhancements to Wix items and functions.

However, one of Wix's major disadvantages is that once you've chosen your artwork, you won't be able to modify it (both before and after your website is published). Switching to a new style sheet would involve copying the entire contents and pasting them between styles by hand - an unbelievably time-consuming task.

With Wix code, end-customers can fully leverage their website codes to make virtually unlimited adjustments to their website. Wide choice of templates: The Wix provides the broadest selection of professional-looking template options of any pull & drag builder, as well as a lightweight cannvas builder that gives the user a high level of freedom when creating a website.

Wix's Publisher is upgraded every month, adding new items, utilities and functions to keep your website looking like new. Flexible templates: As soon as you've picked a website design and begun building it, you won't be able to modify it - so make sure you've picked the right design before you do.

Infinite choices may seem overwhelming: Having a wide variety of functions is generally considered good, so visitors can customise their website to their heart's desire. Though, some people may find these choices (and the amount of effort it takes to find them all) quite overpowering, and should therefore be willing to take the trouble to study and understanding the site before creating their website.

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