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cloud surfingUK @effingpot @wix mike the problem is this. you want a neat fully functional website, but instead you have a wix site. Sign in to your Wix site and go to the Store Manager. Add your widget to a Wix site. Log in to post a comment - Send a request.

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Want to attach more than one web form to the same Wix site?

Yes, you can attach several 123 blanks to exactly the same Wix site. You should make sure that you have already posted a completed application before you begin. Press the Settings of the 123form already released pushbutton. In the left hand menue click on +New Questionnaire. Choose the name of the page on which you want the blank to appear.

Press the Add to page blank page icon. You will see the standard "Contact" page on the page. In order to modify it, click on the Settings pushbutton in the Preferences window, click on Reforms in the drop-down list and choose the desired one. In the Wix Editor, go to the page of your website where you want to post the new template.

It' s okay if you already have a pre-printed application on this page! Press the +Add Again pushbutton. The page displays a standard request message. In order to substitute it with the template you want to post, click the Settings pushbutton and then click Forms. Choose the desired template.

Sign in to your Wix accounts.

Sign in to your Wix accounts. Choose the website to which you want to attach a shop. As soon as you have added the application, it will display samples until you link to your shop. In your Wix Editor on the same page, double-click the black Double-click me button: Now your shop is linked to your Wix website:

Click Connect Account in the pop-up window: Give the application the right to gain full control over your shop information by click on Accept. Now your shop is linked to your Wix website: To make your shop even more appealing to your clients, please read the Wix site shop customization articles.

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