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Kyle Meet - Day 4 - Starting on the Radios

Being a mature 24-year-old I am a rather young puppy in the corridors of Y100. I' m hoping for a long, prosperous carreer in broadcasting, but a few years ago broadcasting was not even in the news. This was a hell of a party with our immediate families and our boyfriends, as you could see.

This fire was set on fire to become a DJ radios. Thus began the quest where I should continue my training as a rockstar. You have a very good communication programme, and I thought it would make my father proud to go to his Almaty. My juvenile class is my juvenile year when I really got involved with the wireless side of the communication programme.

Took part in a broadcast that was broadcast by a member of the WIXX AM show, Nick Vitrano. A great dude who knew his things about in and out radios. I met him one afternoon after this term at Walmart and shot the wind with him, and I asked if there were any work placements at WIXX or any other Midwest Communications station.

When I stood on stages in front of the Y100 familiy, I got an epinephrine that I've been longing for over the last few years. Fortunately, I did so well and had so much enjoyment that I was given a part-time job at Midwest Communication to do things behind the curtains.

Producing radios and sports shows, doing morning road shows, and hosting weekends on-air shows on Y100 and WIXX, among others. I had my first show ever on Y100 on December 13, 2015. During this period, the Y100 employees were pushed around a bit during this period, and in January 2018 I ended up with Y100, my very own one.

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