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Be a patron of Wiz today: Step by step create forms for your WordPress website with an easy to use form wizard. The wiz creates web novels. As I make more money from my writings, I can dedicate more of my spare moment to my writings and pass on more chapter to my enthusiastic readership! If I can do it in my spare tiredness, I write many times a night. One is scheduled for publication in a new size, and one that is a truly bluish web novel.

Lord of Time Serie is a collection of my own writings that will be published on Amazon as soon as they are made. You can find Buch 1 - Abgandoned in Time here, and Buch 2 is scheduled for publication in December 2018.

Functions & Advantages

Post your new application on the Apple Appstore & Google Play Store. More than 1.5 billion apps' natives make it easy to be there. Monetise with Admob, the definitive ad networking solution for indigenous apps, and make sure ad blocking doesn't interrupt ad delivery. Full Google Analytics assistance gives you a full view of how your application lets people access your assets.

Everyone can create their own app quite simply. Once you have completed your app development, we will verify and advise the details and contents of your iPhone app to ensure they comply with Apple Appstore policies and then forward them to the App Store for approvals.

Apple development accounts are needed to release your iPhone app natively.


Do you like the logos? Once you have found a design that meets all your needs, simply choose it and click the "Next" icon. There are many different ways we can create a corporate design. Would you like to modify the selected design? Then click on the icon and then on the Edit icon.

You can click a text to modify its colour, effect, fonts, and more. If you click on an empty spot around the logotype, you can move its position. Let us see how the logotype will look on different background. Wallpapers are only displayed as samples and the logotype is stored without changes.

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