Woo Shop


The WooShop is a modern and stylish design developed for WordPress WooCommerce Shops. We' ve also created a short code for Visual Composer, so if you use both Visual Composer and WooShop Slider, you can easily add new sliders to your content. WooCommerce Premium WordPress Topic NooShop themed is 100% WooCommerce compliant and it comes with a number of choices that you won't find in any other themed. We' ve added a full range of designs tips to help your customers quickly get out of the car. There' a one-of-a-kind payment section that will help your customers see exactly where they are in the buying experience.

As a result, the number of converted versions increases, which leads to higher revenues. For years, operating e-commerce sites has given us enormous insight into the business, and we have translated everything we have learnt into this topic. Quickly and easily make your own slide and present it on your homepage. It will help you to present your latest product or offer to get the most attention.

It has a nice look and is designed for an immersive usability sensation. So you can use it to resell your actual product, or you can resell your existing product and subscription. This will help with the extra exposition and more sales. These are the WooShop Topic options:


Produce stunning contents with one of our 8 completely different WooCommerce slide-sticks. Simply place the presented product in a stylish, fast reacting slide control and let your visitor see what you have to show. We' ve also made a short code for Visual Composer, so if you use both Visual Composer and WooShop Smart Guides, you can simply insert new Smart Guides into your work.

In order to correctly set up and use Woo Shop sliders, there are 3 easy procedures to be followed. First, you must download the plug-in, then you must choose the slide control that you like best, and you must choose your category or product and you are ready.

It is a beautiful plug-in and looks good on the page. For example, Auto Time Out provides 1000 and 10000, the 1000 is too quick and if you adjust it to 3000, the resize you have selected for your slide will change to 2800.

Setting the slide control to 450 or larger will change the automatic time-out back to 1000. It is not possible to adjust the slide control to Autorun 3000 and Resize to 450. "Woo Shop Lite Slider" is open resource game. Visual Composer compatible.

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