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Shopping cart with WooCommerce Plugin. Find out how to set up and install WooCommerce. WorldPress Shopping Cart Tutorial WooCommerce: How do I get WooCommerce installed? Select the term from the drop-down list in the dropdown list in the dropdown list, then type "WooCommerce" in the text area. WooCommerce plug-in should appear as first results.

To do this, click the Apply Now icon. Click the Activate icon when the setup is complete. Setup page appears, where you can set your site, your home page, and the currencies you want to use.

Pick the appropriate option according to the intended audiences and click the Let's Go icon to move to the next part. After selecting the required method of payments, continue to the next stage by pressing the Continue buttons. Make the appropriate selections and click the Continue icon again.

In the next stage, named Tools, you will be asked to set up and turn on the Showcase Topic and turn on Automated Taxes. WooCommerce is especially suited for the use with WooCommerce and is highly recommendable for this plug-in. To use the design, make sure the icon is set to On (if activated, it will turn purple).

Activate enables you to associate your shop with Jetpack. If you click the Join to Jetpack icon, you will be taken to the Jetpack authentification page. You can skip this stage by using the Skip this stage links at the bottom of the page if you do not wish to do so.

WooCommerce plug-in will be deployed and configured on your website. You can use the Build your first produkt! buttons to build new branded items or, if you have a.csv document containing item information from a prior website, you can use the Imports items from a CSV document buttons to do this.

In order to create new items in your shop, go to your wp-admin Dashboard -> Articles -> Create new. The page that opens allows you to give the new item a name using the Item Name box above and a descriptive text using the text box below.

Beneath this text box, you have several choices that you can make for this particular item, which include pricing, stock levels, shipment information, and so on. Once you're done, click the Publish to make the item available on your website. Now your first item has been made and is available in your WordPress WooCommerce shop.

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