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Whoo is a clean, modern landing page site template. Create custom page templates for WooCommerce products. First steps with Woo Templates As soon as your Cadence Woo template constructor plug-in has been downloaded and enabled, use your WordPress administration console to browse to Woo templates. Enter a name for your pattern and then insert as many lines as you want. Press "Add Widget" and choose which Widget you want to show in your templates.

Woo Templates plug-in comes with built-in products, archives and check-out widgets. Woo Templates plug-in is available for download.

To quickly get hold of these Wididgets click on "Add Widget", then you should see in the side bar on the right the single product page, the shop archive and the checkout page. If you click each of these icons, your widget display will be limited to the chosen tabs. Adds as many lines, rows, columns, whites and more as you want to make your own customized layouts.

Please be aware that you are not restricted to the Woo templates Widgets. Follow the above procedure again to generate as many individual templates as you want. Follow the above procedure to build templates for your products and check-out pages. Defaults: Browse to Woo Templates > Template Settings. Allows you to define the defaults for your individual products pages, history pages and check-out page.

Settings of the products page: In order to choose a particular Woo style sheet for a particular item, go to the Item Editing page. To the right of the page you should see a sample item with a drop-down menu like this: Here you can choose your own pattern for a certain item. Individual page creator:

A further optional feature for individual pages is to choose "Use this produkts Page Builder" from the Assign Project Template drop-down list. Then you can use the Page Builder to directly generate a page for this particular article from the Mail Editor page. Hint This only works if you have added "Products" as Page Builders Mail Type under Settings >> Page Builders >> General.

Settings for the Archiving Page: In order to choose a particular style sheet for a particular type of item, go to Type >> Type and click on the type of item for which you want to create a style sheet. Browse down until you see "Product Library Template" and there you can choose an Library template from the drop-down list.

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