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With Woo Customer Insight, you get better insight into the activities of your visitors on your website. Via Having worked with customers for years, we chose to develop our website packs that make it simple and accessible to have a great webcase. If you are looking for more than our package has to offer, we also develop individual web pages. Accessible web site designs, e-commerce sites, customized WordPress authoring, graphic designs, advertising banners, setting up and advising on online community services, SEO, Facebook customized pages, customized Craigslist pages, logodesign and complete brand-name campaign.

Analytics for Woocommerce

With Woo Customer Insight, you get better visibility into your visitors' activities on your website. You can see the pages your clients click on, the pages they view, the amount of times they click on the pages. They track the happenings, the page visits and the amount of spending on each page.

Opportunity Funnel informs you about the number of visitors, how many products you have successfully purchased, etc. Track how your clients react as they move through your site, from the moment they land on the site to the moment they checkout. Now you can record where your clients are going in the buying proces.

This gives you a clear overview of your website areas that are causing a break in your selling processes. The information will help you make the optimizations on your website to make the purchasing experience easier for your clients. They can also help you identifying the clients who leave your site and get to them for re-marketing.

Is it possible to follow the progress of a particular client on our website? Yes, the whole trip of the client on your website can be followed under the item Client statistics.

Woo Commerce Progressive Web App

An intuitive & inflexible nomadic application topic with profound WooCommerce implementation. It' s a clear and easy to understand look - the ideal base for your portable user. Remember or activate your mobiles even after leaving your application. A webush notification can help you quadruple your commitment, and these endusers spend twice as much effort on the application.

Fifty-three percent of visitors leave a website if it loads longer than 3 seconds! Design of the portable application reacts quickly to interaction with your audience with soft and satiny animation without jerky scroll. We scored 91 points on Lighthouse for our WooCommerce PWA alphabetic game.

WooCommerce PWA was developed with REACHctJS and is available for free on GitHub. Assisted devices: Support for portable browsers: WooCommerce PWA provides you with the sources: Featuring a WooCommerce-compatible portable application that focuses on usability, the WooCommerce application is a good option for companies that need to present category and article presentations.

There are only 3 necessary stages for a portable operator to be able to create an order. Four interior areas are displayed to them with the designation when mobiles touch the detailed information on the product: It is possible for mobiles to process the amount of articles or to delete articles from the shopping basket. Are you looking for customized WooCommerce solutions?

Give your customers an extraordinary viewing sensation by giving your portable web applications a natural app-like look & feel. What's more, you'll be able to create a web page that's easy to read and share. They can surf comfortably on their favourite portable devices without having to go to an Apple Store and set up anything. With no common sales limits for Web applications, you can take full ownership of your revenues.

Allows your end user to simply distribute your web applications through their preferred online channel: The Wordpress Mobile Pack translates your web applications into one of the following supporting technologies: Wordpress Server and Wordpress Server: Integration with the Google Authorized Google Access Gateway. AssociatedMobilePages ( "AMP") Project is an open resource project that epitomizes the company's mission of enabling advertisers to publish optimised MobilePages once and download it anywhere.

With our enthusiastic staff of field service professionals, you can rest assured that your equipment will not get in the way. Within the web applications, articles/posts are organised into appropriate catagories, so users can easily browse through and seamlessly move from catagory to catagory. Choose your favourite subject, customise colours and type faces, customise your own logos and personalise your applications to create your own corporate image.

Meet your mobiles and analyse their effects with our high-performance yet easy to use reader-centric analyses. Turn your legacy community assets into a personalised web experience that narrates a story: To run a portable web page you only need a state-of-the-art web page viewer (HTML5 compatible). Your portable web application's appearance adapts smoothly to the display of your users' devices.

Consumers can easily attach your portable web app to their home screens so it's just a click away. The WordPress Mobile Pack PRO is a self-hostedolution. Immediately loads your portable web app as your reader accesses your own custom web address from a portable web browser. Optimize for SEO: concurrent web browsing structures, use of switching board tag, scheme. org, snippet and card usage.

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