Woocart Wordpress Theme

Wordpress Woocart theme

The WooCart is an online WordPress shopping cart system plugin. MyThemeShop WordPress WooCart theme at 80% discount A lot of people think that creating an on-line portals, commonly known as e-commerce for the sale of consumers' goods such as electronics such as cell phones, cameras, etc., is quite tricky for buying something digitally like sofware as it takes a look and should make it attractive for the user to buy a good they see on your website.

The new WooCart MyThemeShop (80% discount) allows you to do everything yourself without the need for a code. The home page looks quite good, which is very attractive for all those visiting your home page, as they are welcomed with a slide control where you can present the best sold items or flags or those that come with big rebates.

You can also customise the homepage as you wish, as this design features draft & dropping page creation, as shown below. Seen from an SOE perspective, this function will also be adding an additional weight, which in our test seems to be perfectly suited for the off-canvas meal.

By supporting schemes mark-up, which is popular with giant searchengines, you can index your pages as shown below and get a better CTR. Didn't you like the standard look of the design? Don't be afraid, you just modify the colour with infinite assistance with the colour picker and you can choose a colour matching backdrop.

This can all be done via the easy theme management interfaces. WooCart's one of its kind features is that you can create your own subordinate design and import it for use. User can browse smoothly across any page as this one supports a sticksy menue, breadcrumb as well as super menue plug-in which is usually estimated at $35 which is free in the pack.

To ensure that the page is not loaded when a visitor places an article in the shopping basket or filters the items, WooCart does this with Ajax. In addition, full-HD video-tutorials are available to you. It seems that WooCart is the fastest way to start your own e-commerce with very little programming skills.

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