Woocommerce 3

Voocommerce 3

6 June 2018 - 15:01. For Woocommerce, 3 "outofstock" product statuses are stored in 2 places: Larger problem is that not all themes and extensions are compatible with the major update from WooCommerce. Display your pictures in the revised photo album. Zero clearance, to that too: Almost since the 2nd 6th edition was released last year, we've been discussing the redesign of the galleries experiences on single pages. For a long while, we weren't happy with the gallery's features - especially with portable equipment and smaller screens - and thought it was timeconsuming.

Now is the best moment to ensure that you have enough pictures of your products for all your articles! Here you can find out more about the galery and what you need to upgrade for reasons of interoperability if you are a themes designer. If you are interested, the full listing is available on the Genuine beta version mail.

Most importantly, we've been working hard to accelerate major deals, both in this version and in upcoming versions. Prior to this version, there were several ways for a developer to enter order and product information into the repository. The retrieval of information can also take place in different ways.

Therefore we introduce with this version BRUD-categories. Creates, reads, updates, deletes - the four fundamental functions that you can perform with a given asset. Zero has much more to offer than what we have emphasized so far, but it is difficult to integrate everything into a singular contribution.

For a complete listing of changes and functionality, please refer to the Contribution to the Beta in our Developer Log. You may have seen in e-mails or chatters on-line that this version was initially scheduled as 2.7 and was published in mid-March. However, our plan evolved during the course of our betatesting, and as previously stated, we felt it was our turn to move to a new system.

Smaller distributions and patch, however, get point version (e.g. 3.1, 3.2). We use this approach to better describe what each product contains, and to tell you at a single look how big the possible effects of a product may be on your shop. In addition, we are planning to gain more free space for our upcoming alpha and alpha tests following the launch of new key milestones.

That' s due to useful feedbacks we got on our (then) 2. 7 releases mail from people who wanted more test writing to do. We' re unbelievably grateful for all the input and suggestions that prompted us to introduce this new system of releases, both for semantic versioning and for the longer test phases.

If you are willing to try it, read our docs about updating, make sure your backup exists, and get the fix from your WordPress dashboard. You just want to talk about the releases or have a great thought for the next one? We cannot detect or resolve problems through the use of blogs notes.

However, we are always happy to hear your comments and give you general suggestions. In order to be aware of certain things with 3.0, you can find possible incompatibility problems and current upgrades in our developer blogs.

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