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Enlarge the product image in the CMS by moving the mouse over the product photo in the WooCommerce product list. There are 10 WooCommerce Grounds That Make WooCommerce Perfect for E-commerce Start-ups WooCommerce from WooThemes is basically just another free WordPress plug-in. WooCommerce was started at the end of September 2011 and now support a considerable part of the steadily increasing e-commerce cake with over 1 piece. This open code solution offers a comprehensive yet very user-friendly interface that makes it ideal for e-commerce start-ups to get a sense of the on-line shop in an easily digestible way that doesn't require an arms or a legs.

So let's take a look at how WooCommerce meets the needs of prospective on-line retailers. No lack of high value e-commerce CMS, all aimed at helping retailers simply and innovative selling on-line. Everyone except WooCommerce, that is. The WooCommerce is totally free to be downloaded at the moment.

But while WooCommerce is free and opensource, it provides a wide range of functionality that is both out-of-the-box and highly versatile, both by definition and through enhancements that I will discuss later. One of the greatest advantages of WooCommerce for e-commerce novices is that retailers who use the WooCommerce e-commerce solution can be very versatile with their product without having to know too much about the technology.

In addition, WooCommerce shops are able to sell physically, virtually, downloadably and even affiliate/external goods. While WooCommerce does not compel consumers to go beyond their convenience zones when setting up their own shop, it easily opens the doors to more than just e-commerce. WooCommerce for example allows web site owners to set up a fully functional shop within a web site in addition to an embedded blogs.

WooCommerce, a WordPress-based technology package, makes it possible to use all these aspects of a company's web site in one place and present them together in a seamless way. Talking of WordPress, the very beloved CMS currently manages over 51% of the top million existing web sites, so it would be reasonable to say that many e-commerce start-ups have had the privilege of using WordPress for similar or independent on-line projects.

Since WooCommerce is a WordPress plug-in, former WordPress site visitors will be able to see the user-friendly WordPress interfaces. This kind of intimacy when setting up an on-line shop could quickly help saving your precious valuable experience of saving your own personal space and at the same creating your own creative environment. To be free has not made WooCommerce a fixed one. Indeed, there is plenty of room to adapt and optimize your on-line shop to a unique standard.

Currently, there are 39 different WooCommerce-enabled topics for choice - many of which are free via the WooThemes shop. While WooCommerce is a free, user-friendly e-commerce site, don't be fooled by the fact that it's not a professionally designed on-line shop because that' exactly what it is.

Integrated into the trading solution are in-depth order tracing and retention features that allow dealers to review past and pending orders, track deliveries, upgrade status, grant rebates and more. Indeed, control panel adjustments, stock control, shipment choices, voucher code and just about everything else you need for a pro e-commerce set-up is part of WooCommerce, right out of the box. What's more, WooCommerce is a great place to start.

E-commerce start-ups may not know how to implement an analytical system on their website, nor will they know what stats require targeted analyses. Fortunately, WooCommerce has such dealers included. WooCommerce, as it is, has the capability to help any prospective on-line retailer build and run his own shop simply and professional.

But for those who are looking for additional features, WooCommerce is once again not disappointing. WooCommerce has several hundred extensions available, some of which are free and some of which charge a small amount. Just as easy as WooCommerce is as an e-commerce trading system, it also allows you to grow and expand in the way you run your shop, your product and your customer base.

It' simple to change template settings, for example, whether you want to do this directly from the topic file or use the many hook & filter options. The WooCommerce site also has several different extension creation APIs available as well as a comprehensive document repository so that internal and external visitors can learn how WooCommerce works.

After all, one of the best grounds for WooCommerce, which is perfectly suited for e-commerce start-ups, is because of itself having it. Already in existence for some time, it produces excellent WordPress topics, enhancements and plug-ins, as well as WooCommerce. In addition to a variety of true, accessible conversation partners, visitors to woo topics can take advantage of online communities, online videos, and more.

There you have it, ten very good reason why you should use WooCommerce heavily to make your first e-commerce venture a big one. For more information on how WooCommerce can profit from e-commerce start-ups, read the section on WooCommerce on the WooThemes website.

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