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Compatible with Woocommerce

From a technical point of view ALL topics are "WooCommerce compatible", because it is a plugin. Reason why I chose the pro theme was that it is fully compatible with WooCommerce. How to make a Woocommerce compatible Theme Wordpress Woocommerce?

It allows you to generate a new page within your topic that will be used for all WooCommerce taxonomies and advertisements of the Swiss Mail family. Copy the page.php of your topic and name it woocommerce.php. You should find this in the following way: wp-content/themes/YOURTHEME/woocommerce.php. You can open your new woocommerce.php in a text or text editing application of your choosing.

Substitute woocommerce_content() for the loop in woocommerce.php; this will make sure that the WooCommerce template is adopted for the products and taxes pages. Hooks are more heavily integrated than woocommerce_content, but are more agile. It' s similar to the way we use to create our designs. Adding a few rows to the function.php of your topic will first solve the WooCommerce wrapper; remove_action('woocommerce_before_main_content','woocommerce_output_content_wrapper', 10); remove_action('woocommerce_after_main_content','woocommerce_output_content_wrapper_end', 10); then add your own function to show the wrapper your topic needs:

If you need to reinstall and view all the styles that come into contact with it, you can refresh the pages and put it all on your stylesheet. You can use hook too, but I'm not 100% sure how you would verify that the top of my top header is activated with DooC, so you''ll only see a hook in your coding when the plug-in is activated.

Rummage through other Wordpress plugin based issues, discuss Woocommerce topics or ask your own one.

Making a WordPress Topic WooCommerce Ready

You want to create a store for your topic - fantastic! With WooCommerce you have a good option. From a technical point of view ALL topics are "WooCommerce compatible", because it is a plug-in. Theoretically, any plug-in should work with any WordPress topic (which is correctly encoded). If you are a WooCommerce custom designer, you may want to customize the WooCommerce edition to better suit your topic or offer your end user choices that are not readily available in the WooCommerce preferences (e.g. change the number of store columns).

Here are some useful excerpts that you can use to offer "better" WooCommerce assistance in your topic and/or to change things for your particular style. Important: Many of the sections below use features that are only available in WooCommerce. Make sure that these sections are not simply placed at the end of your features. file in a format designed for deployment.

When you want to divide or resell your design with others, make sure you place the clippings in your own data set, which is only opened when the WooCommerce plug-in is on. Throughout my topics I want to set a user defined constants that can be used to verify if WooCommerce is activated in this way, I can insert data or perform features only when WooCommerce is running (see important notice above if you haven't done it yet).

This is the first and most important part of the added to your topic item that "enables" WooCommerce functionality and avoids the plug-in's alerts that tell the end users that the topic is not compatible. I prefer to overwrite WooCommerce style to avoid possible problems with third-party WooCommerce plug-ins.

But if you want to eliminate all WooCommerce style, it's very simple. Use the following snapshot to delete ALL WooCommerce styles:'woocommerce_enqueue_styles','__return_empty_array' ; This snapshot is an example for the conditional removal of certain CSS styles: woocommerce-general' ;'woocommerce-layout' ;'woocommerce-smallscreen' ; ;'woocommerce_enqueue_styles','wpex_remove_woo_styles' ; Dans WooCommerce 3.

Zero they launched a new products galery, zooming and light box. All of these must be activated via "add_theme_support" if you want to use them in your topic. Many topics already have features for displaying archived items, so this source removal the additional item from WooCommerce, which is better than concealing it via the CSS.

If your themes uses the archive_title() or get_archive_title() function to show the titles for your files, you can optimize it using a simple filtering function to capture the name of your page instead of the store name. Store'; ; ;'get_the_archive_title','wpex_woo_archive_title' ; Used to change how many items per page are displayed in the store and store (categories and tags).

I don't see why WooCommerce works like this, but you can't just change the'loop_shop_columns' filters, you also have to put the unambiguous class in the field to make the column work. Whilst the Woo shortcodes have a diver wrap with the right class that the store pages do not have, we therefore need two functions: ;'loop_shop_columns','wpex_woo_shop_columns' ;'columns-4' ; ;'body_class','wpex_woo_shop_columns_body_class' ; This snapshot allows you to optimize the page layout in the store to compare them with those in your topic.

"The ;;'woocommerce_pagination_args','wpex_woo_pagination_args' ; Especially useful on pages that use a different laguage or delete the exclamation point I'm not a big supporter of. Your options are''woocommerce_sale_flash','wpex_woo_sale_flash'; you can modify the number of column for the thumbnail views of each individual galleries according to the page design and this feature will do just that ;'woocommerce_product_thumbnails_columns','wpex_woo_product_thumbnails_columns'' ; Used to modify the number of items shown for related items on each item page.

Posts_per_page'; ; ;'woocommerce_output_related_products_args','wpex_woo_related_posts_per_page' ; Just like the store, if you want to change the number of related and up-sell items column on each item page correctly, you need to sort the column and also change the class accordingly.

body_class','wpex_woo_single_loops_columns_body_class' ; This section adds a WooCommerce basket to your main page, showing the costs of the articles in your basket. If your website has Font-Awesome activated, a small shopper symbol will be displayed. Important: These features must not be included in an is_admin() condition because they depend on AJAX to upgrade the costs. You must ensure that the features are available if is_admin() is returning real and wrong.

menus_items', ' ' ' ' 'wp_nav_menu_item_to_menus', '' wpex_add_menu_cart_item_to_menus', ''' ; 'wpex-menu-cart-total wpex-cart-total-' ' ; ; ; 'shop' ; ; 'amount', '', '', '', '', ' ' " "WooCommerce works by standard with any topic, but provides additional functionality for the plug-in so that it better suits your topic.

As a matter of fact, I did write this article while programming our New York WordPress Blog & Shop topic, so most of these optimizations are contained in our topic. Or, if you prefer, you can buy the design to take a look at how everything was done (see the file under wpex-new-york/inc/woocommerce) - it may be a simpler way for you to find out how to really get customized WooCommerce plug-in functionality by looking at an already encoded design.

Is there any other excerpt that you think belongs on this page or that you would find useful in the development of new WooCommerce-enabled topics?

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