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WorldCommerce Customer Manager It is the most important plugin for Premmerce's customer relationship managment, which we will continuously enhance by introducing new functions and taking user needs into account. Here you can test this plugin together with Premmerce Premium and all other Premmerce plugs and topics created by our team: WooCommerce Demo. Enable 'WooCommerce Customer Manager' on the plugin page. Browse to Plugins -> New section from your administrator accounts and look for WooCommerce Customers Manager. This plugin can also be installed manually: Please dowload the plugin's zipped file and extract it.

Copy the extracted file premmerce-woocommerce-product-filter into the subdirectory /wp-content/plugins/.

"WooCommerce Customer Manager" is open resource to you. This plugin has been created by the following persons.

Client Manager for Woocommerce

Then click "Add New" and load the plugin's tip files using the "Upload Plugin" icon at the top of the page. Then click "Add New" and load the plugin's tip files using the "Upload Plugin" icon at the top of the page.

"Customer Manager for Woocommerce" is open resource management system. This plugin has been created by the following persons.

a WooCommerce customer manager at vanquish

Hint: The plugin, like WordPress, needs at least 5. In order to get automated update, simply download and setup the Envato updater plugin: httpss://goo. gl/pkJS33 . It' easy to find out all the details such as your postal adress, e-mail, date of your order, number of orders etc. for each customer in your shop.

Each customer is fully customizable. Simply find out the last customer action with the last order date in the " order date " area. The customer lists can also be filtered by period and can also be export in CSV-version. On the Customer Details page, you can quickly access your customer's personally identifiable information (such as invoice address, delivery address, first name, last name, telephone number, etc.) and any orders (and related products) placed by the customer during a specific period of use.

Here you'll find neat and beautiful diagrams that help you find the most frequently bought items, time-lapse issues, and per-order issues for each individual customer. It is possible for the operator to set the period of use. In addition, WCCM can help you find the most "worthy" clients of all times or for a certain period of the year.

We at WCCM can give you the right information to help you design specific vouchers for your clients. ATTENTION: The map controllers available on the detail page use the free OpenQuest aperis, i.e. it may not work anymore after the number of requests per day has been exceeded. With the WCCM plugin, it is also possible to list all customer information.

You can view for each customer your own details (are the details of his last order), details of the order history, articles purchased and other statistics! just like any other customer! You can also change a customer's registration to a registration in the following way: on the order page using the added converting tool by the plugin. In the customer's customer visitor lists using the corresponding converting tool.

Enable auto converting after order completion: The plugin converts guests to registrated guests as well. Provided the invoicing e-mail used by the visitor was already allocated to a registred visitor, the orders will be allocated to this registred visitor. In addition, all orders allocated by a visiting customer will be allocated to the new registrated customers.

As an option, a message can be sent to the newly generated customer with the access data during the process of converting. With this new function, the store administrator can also directly on the order page of a new users new. The only thing he has to do is insert a new order, fill in the customer data, store the order and finally change it into a new one.

You can then complete the order for this new member without exiting the display. Roll of users added by the plugin to the member you want to add to the checklist, and that member will no longer be able to buy a specific item in your shop! In order to allocate a customer roll, you can simply modify the customer account or use the specific roll assignment utility on the customer lists page!

When you create a new customer or via the customer detail page, you can now decide which orders are to be allocated to this customer! As an option, you can specify whether you want to override the invoice and dispatch order information with the customer information (only the standard voocommerce invoice and dispatch information is overwritten). Adds, deletes or edits customermetas!

View, modify or remove customer metadata! Simply click on the View / Edit Metadata icon on the customer detail page. The plugin will not be able to extract or extract metadata from users. CUSTOMIZED NEWSLETTERS, E-MAILS AND MASS-E-MAILS! Each customer can have their own individual memos added or e-mails sent directly from the customer detail page.

You can also choose to receive mass e-mails by choosing a customer from the customer group. It is easy to find out for each WooCommerce article in the WooCommerce article listing how many and which registrants and visitors have purchased this article (to change between registrants and visitors, use the menus at the top of the page).

In order to find out who purchased a certain variant of the products, go to the Variations page, then click on the Variations page on the desired variant and under the check boxes for products option ("Activate", "Download", "Virtual",....) you will find the symbol who purchased! The plugin also inserts a hyperlink to the customer detail page for each order on the order history page!

With the new "Discover" function, the store administrator now has a powerful filter kit with which he can detect recorded and visiting shoppers based on order statistics. Thus the store administrator can for example find out which customer has purchased a certain range of items, variations or all items of a given class, or which customer has paid a min/max amount for a complete order or a particular order.... and many more of them!

WCCM lists all WCCM members with the Customer or Customer role by defaults, but you can also display WCCM members with customized WCCs. It' simple, go to the option page and under "Roles" browse to all the desired rolls! With WCCM you can allocate your role directly on the customer lists page!

It' very simple to choose the rolls you want to associate in the roll selection area, then review the operator, be assigned to the rolls and then just click the Associate buttons! Hexe WCCM allows you to change all your roll root to another! Helpful to migrate an already existent WordPress customer base (with subscription role) to a WooCommerce customer roll.

WPML, WooCommerce subscriptions and WooCommerce/WooCommerce tickets compatibility. Now you can simply select and print the customer lists from a . vsv-document. It is also possible to dispatch alerts with customer log-in information (useful if the system generates accidental password if no password is set in the CSR file). Exports, imports and administers customer lists with more than 5000+ user without problems.

However, please be aware that the calculations that the plugin performs to generate customer information and statistics are not free of charge. So, if you are using large records, make sure you are correctly configured with the right servers' hard ware and ressources (such as e.g. devoted web services ). plug-in. That means that all shipment information for the order is listed and customer special boxes are listed and edited.

As an option, you can add and import custom input boxes to the exported CVS files. In addition, you can choose to view Wordpres Users Additional Spaces directly in the customer spreadsheet, each spacing in its own col! View, modify and remove customer addresses added via WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses!

Good! Then try out my latest plugin WooCoomerce Eu Vista Field! WCCM plugin has full backup for it, once it is deployed, you can see the tax number for each and every users who edits and exports it. also for variations: Assign users directly on the customer lists page! Added new function to insert, remove and modify metadata.

Added new plugin for my "WooCommerce EU Vat Field" plugin * Solved a problem in my importer due to importing a " Subscriber" instead of " Customer" instead of "Subscriber" instead * Solved an importer error. Added new function to directly allocate different functions on the page of the UT!

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