Woocommerce Dashboard Demo

Demo Woocommerce Dashboard

Templates for WooCommerce with admin area. In fact, the best place is the My Account page of WooCommerce. If custom content is set for the dashboard, Edit Address no longer works.

Widget statistics of WooCommerce Dashboard Widgets by Vanquish

WooCommerce Dashboard Widgets Statistics (WCDS) plug-in gives the store administrator a number of very intuitively and detailled statistics directly on the Wordpress Dashboard. The statistics you need are at your disposal! Hint: The plug-in, like WordPress, needs at least a 5.5 PHP release. One of the ideas behind the plug-in is to have a range of utilities that allow the store administrator to see immediately:

WCDS lets you do it now! Statistics! The WCDS will provide all statistics on eye-catching and easy-to-read widgets chart. Due to these view, the store administrator has all information clearly, easily and immediately available! In the menue you can choose which order status has to be considered for the calculation of statistics.

This way you can, for example, rule out all the " sending payments " orders in order to obtain more accurate statistics on the actual amount of cash made. Choose for which roles the Widget should be shown in the Dashboard! The WCDS also displays product statistics, even for individual variations! You can also define a user-defined timeframe and view dates per date, per months or per year!

Product statistics for WooCommerce! Shops: The administrator can access full product statistics on shopping, clients, geographical areas, etc., all of which can be filtered by dates. Added preference to choose the standard duration when a duration is not shown.

Frontend Manager WooCommerce - WC Marketplace, WC Supplier & Dokan with bookings & offers

Enjoy the best WooCommerce front-end product managers ever. The WooCommerce Front End Managers is the most intelligent Woocommerce Front End Supplier Workshop Manger. The most used WooCommerce product reseller, Dokan - most wanted Woocommerce multiple WooCommerce vendors together with WooCommerce bookings, WooCommerce appointments, WooCommerce rental and booking system, WooCommerce subscriptions, Advanced Custom Fields(ACF), WP Job Managers and BuddyPress compatability.

How will WCFM affect your business? You will also have custom field assistance and full flexibilty to improve WCfM in your own way. The WCFM Dashboard can also be designed to look similar to your website. We have now received our own unique WooCommerce topics with the most common WooCommerce topics.

Instant Review - what is displayed on your dashboard? Truly proud to operate and improve WooCommerce. Enter "WooCommerce Frontend Manager" in the dropdown box and click on Find Plugins. "WooCommerce Frontend Manager - WC Marketplace, WC Vendors & Dokan with Bookings & Listings" is an OpenSource Software.

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