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About Martfury - WooCommerce Marketplace WordPress Topic by darfuri The Martfury is a WooCommerce marketplace with a modular and adaptable WordPress topic. WooCommerce, the most used e-commerce software for WordPress that will help you to buy everything on-line, sendable goods, virtually or digitally stored data. Adding optional changes to descriptions and specifications text in the individual products. Added new item allows to open or exit departments menus in headers 2 - Fix: Same Movie in item Carousel Deals.

  • Some minor errors. You can deactivate Breadcrumbs with Add-Options. Adds a column for your items to the categorical item. - fix: The results of the query do not appear under the chosen speech state. - Some minor errors. - Quick: Find your favorite version of our software using our AJAX search engine. - fix: some smaller errors. Added a new checkbox to display videos shown in the first album.

Copy the wish list and check the symbols against the AliDropship plug-in in a separate item. - Fix: Some smaller errors. - Fixed some small errors. Adding deal changing features will expire the text and sells text in the individual deal products. Added the Picture Resize for Category Tabs item checkbox. Added a user-defined picture item for the Category Tabs item.

  • Fix: Some smaller errors. Insert a new track for the lookup page. Adds a new item that allows you to display the sales card prices. - fix: some smaller errors. You can order for items on the page with the latest items. Added new checkboxes to restrict the searching by category of items. - Some minor errors. Automatic playback cannot be configured for category 2 items.
  • Fixed some small errors. Copy the wish list and browse and match symbols in a unique piece. - Fixed some errors in your CSS. Added a new checkbox to allow you to set the seconds to suppress the shopping basket notifications. Incorrect Dokan supplier name in the production line. Added a new checkbox to deactivate the NewsLetter popup on the homepage. Currency switch for WooCommerce plug-in compatibility.

Added new item allows you to open sub-menus on Mobile by clicking the plus-symbol. Added a new item to allow you to specify the dimensions of the picture of the product in the category 2 category name. Added a new checkbox to display the invatar after login. - Some reaction errors. - Fixed some small errors. Apply tagging like hots, percentage of sales, new for each item.

Added ability to turn off the zooming and galleries on a separate page of your work. Added an item that allows you to deactivate your head-on lookup items with AJAX. Related as well as up-sell and related software cannot be disabled. - Cannot find the attribute you want to use. - Bug fixing page load when pre-loader is disabled. - To add Get Products by tag for products of category item.

  • Adds tacky information to the individual products. - fix some errors in the CSS. - fix products category are displayed incorrect. Describe the characteristics of each individual item. - Fast: Browse everything with AJAX.

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