Woocommerce Gallery Plugin

Voocommerce Gallery Plugin

WooCommerce gallery plugin created with PhotoSwipe by Dmitry Semenov. PhotoSwipe and Slick Carousel. The WooSwipe WooCommerce Gallery WooCommerce gallery plugin created with Dmitry Semenov's FotoSwipe. PictureSwipe and PhotoSlick roundabout. The WooSwipe should work immediately after unpacking with the WooCommerce gallery setting.

Just resize your images in WooCommerce > Preferences > Products > Display. If you resize the picture, you may need to re-create your miniatures.

Filters : add_filter('wooswipe_zoomed_image_size','max_image_size', 10, 1) ; $size = "large" ; $size renvoie $size ;

Sliders Woocommerce Product Gallery

Are there too many pictures in your gallery? The plugin adds a roundabout to your gallery. This plugin can be installed by how? Has had a conflict with Woocommerce's default gallery pictures with inconsistent item pictures until you updated the page, just passed in chromed. The plugin produced a more beautiful show and fixed my issue - outcome! I just klicked on the plugin that expects a demonstration. The only place on the page that mentions the demonstration was the pay site. I didn't even look at it and thought that the demonstration was the one I was going to get. down laod and tried. desperate. very few configuration choices. and above all no beautiful gallery.

"Woocommerce Product Gallery Slider" is open resource product. This plugin has been created by the following persons.


Scientists have proved that there is a huge influence of your products' imagery on the rate of business transformation. The WooCommerce Gallery brings the fixed picture of your business to live. Once you have WooCommerce Gallery installed, your products page picture gallery will be converted into a dynamically rolling products gallery with thumbnail views shown in a unique linelider.

WooCommerce's #1 product page picture gallery for the WooCommerce product page. The ZOOM - shows a full-size picture with caption text and scrolling manually through the gallery. By downloading WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery you become a member of our a3rev software comunity. Enter "WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery" in the browse box and click Plugins.

As soon as you have found our plugin, you can start installing it by just click on Apply Now. When you click on this button, you will be asked if you are sure you want to download the plugin. Our manually installed plugin is downloaded and uploaded to your web site using your preferred FTP client.

Enter "WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery" in the browse box and click Plugins. As soon as you have found our plugin, you can start installing it by just click on Apply Now. When you click on this button, you will be asked if you are sure you want to download the plugin. Our manually installed plugin is downloaded and uploaded to your web site using your preferred FTP client.

How can I use this plugin? This plugin can only be used if you have the WooCommerce plugin on. Bought the pro edition of this gallery. Don't squander your cash on this plugin. Gallery perfect! Thanks a lot for this great plugin! I couldn't find any better plugs for the functions I wanted!

That'?s a plugin!

My low score in the beginning was a little too critically. Working with the plugin I was able to get more results and a look I wanted. Now that it's working properly, I am planning to tell my customers to use it.

"The WooCommerce Gallery " is open code work. This plugin has been created by the following persons. Features upgrades. Allows you to specify the origin of pictures that fill the gallery. Thank you to Kevin Coffel of antiquewoodworks.com for notification about the thumbnail UI bugs and the dynamical styles files that are not updated from pages with CDN.

Features - Plugin manually converting the RUN UPDATE function databases of the latest Dynamic Gallery to WooCommerce Product Gallery. Function - Added preference to suppress the preview when only 1 picture is uploaded to the gallery. Function - Introduction to opening and exiting setting boxes in administrative panel. Function - Plugin Framework customization options added.

Controls how the setting of the Administration Panels is displayed during edit. Optimize - Thumbnail for moving pictures on the Gallery Style tabs and thumbnail removal. Function - Refactor source to allow adding pictures from the media library, previously Dynamic Gallery could only use pictures that had been added to the product. Function - completely rebuilt the i3 Dynamic Gallery Beta Pack.

Features - Images are displayed as a thumbnail in the Dynamic Gallery Meta User Interface when they are added or added. Function - Added full interoperability with the Enhanced Media Library plugin. Fixed - check_ajax_referer() call on front end removed to ensure PHP coding plugin interoperability. Verify that the features picture is not checked and do not enclose it in the gallery.

Features - Converts all frontend RSS #dynamic {stylesheets} to Sass #dynamic {stylesheets} for quicker load. Features - Converts all backend CSSs to Sass. The Tweak - Update your plugin fonts with the latest version of our fonts. Fixed -Corrected the alert - "Create a standard item from an empty value in" in the pop-up window dynamic gallery preview.

Resolved - The WP e-mail template clash with the WP e-mail template for the " WP e-mail template: wp_mail was defined by another WP e-mail template or plugin, so you cannot use another e-mail delivery provider until the issue is resolved " on the Dynamic Gallery Style page. Function - Added preference to show or show the WooCommerce standard metafield of the WooCommerce Gallery on the products editing pages.

Function - If the standard WooCommerce Gallery is disabled - Turn off the dynamical gallery on the item, the standard Woo Gallery will be displayed again. Optimize - Enhanced User Interface - Disable the Gallery from the Meta field and the field will close. Added_filter ('gettext', array( $this,'change_button_text' ), null, 2 ); added_filter('gettext', array( $this,'change_button_text'), null, 3 ); Added Tweak - Updates the plugin administration pane text bar amber.

Added remove_all_filters('mce_external_plugins'); before calling vp_editor to delete extensions script from other plugins. Optimize - Upgraded framework help fonts for consistent look and feel. Fixed - Conflicts with vpMandrill plugin. Gallery Rewrote Gallery View Priority Requires_once( OJSPATH.'wp-includes/pluggable. php') Requires url safety; with sanitary that does not call wp_mail. Function - Added all necessary codes for the plugin to work with WooCommerce version 2.

Pinch - All text is displayed in uppercase. WP_DEBUG full run, all unrecorded exclusions, bugs, warnings, hints, and harsh default notes removed. Function - a3rev Plugin Framework Administration plugin 100% portable and tablets respond interfaces. Pinch - Yellow side bar in the Pro version menus are not displayed in the portable monitors to optimise the display area in thedmin area.

Fixed - Single-frame thumbnail ON| OFF button does not display correctly the first time the thumbnail is turned on. Added Fix - admin-init. added php files that could not be uploaded in 1.2.5. Function - The plugin has been updated to the recently released framework named av3rev Administrator with Apple Styles interfaces. Function - New checkboxes fordmin UI functions that have been substituted by buttons, some dropdown lists by slider.

Function - Added intuitional trigger for administrator panelsettings. The function setting is displayed when the appropriate function is chosen. Optimize - The administrator has been dragged from the WooCommerce Preferences page to the WooCommerce navigation pane, Dynamic Gallery option. Optimize - Dynamic gallery menus divided into tabbed sections - setting, gallery style, image thumbnails. Fixed - Use http or tttps when loading pages from your web browsers Fix in v1.2. 4 pages created using Minify plug-ins crashed when updating.

Styles and scripts URLs have been upgraded to resolve the Minify issue. Optimize - The Link'View Docs' has been added at the top of each administration pane to this menu section in the plugin documents. Fixed - gallery pictures not displayed in Chrome with SSL on the products pages. Fixed - Admin script and plugin not loaded in Firefox with SSL on admin styles.

Fixed - gallery pictures cannot be displayed on some custom topics that have #asideimg { visibility: hidden; added visibility: visible ! important; to override the topic and gallery pictures can be displayed. Loan - Many thanks to Hernan Bettello for notifying us of the problem and giving us permission to visit his website to find and resolve the problem with his subject and gallery.

Vulnerabilities - All globalen Options Keys have been substituted with the wc_dynamic preference key in the plugin to avoid conflicts with other possible entries plug-ins. The Tweak - Complete verification and cleanup of the sources. WP_DEBUG All unrecognized exception bugs and alerts resolved. Optimize - PHP Public Static added to class functionality.

Fixed - IE fix in v1.1. 9 Gallery subload bug, pictures are not displayed at first loading but after update. Help text for upgraded features. Fixed - All JavaScript features have been upgraded to make the plugin jQuery Version1 compliant. and back to 1.6 release. A number of features in jQuery 1.9 have been written off, resulting in bugs with the jQuery functionality in the plugin.

Optimize - Enabled Household function settings in the Global Settings Plug-ins sub-tab. The Tweak - Update housekeeping help text with cleaner tutorials and a sharp alert for those who upgrade to the Pro version. Features - Added - Displays the presented picture for sections from the halftone display, but does not display it in the products page.

Verify that the picture of the operation is excluded from the gallery to obtain this effect. Role - Housekeeper role added to the preferences. Optional - Select if you ever want to erase this plugin, it removes all spreadsheets and spreadsheets it has generated and leaves no traces it has ever been here. Capability - Reduce the amount of storage required when uploading pictures to the Gallery on the Dynamic Gallery Picture Uploader page.

Optimize - When added when the plugin is installed and activated, it will redirect to the WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery administration pane instead of the wp-plugins dashboards. Fixed - WooCommerce Reviews forms opening in double pop-up tool, PrettyPhoto and WooCommerce font created by our old WooCommerce 1. 6 font size 6 font size lip. Fixed - Long-term problem with the gallery's master picture not being displayed in custom designs in Windows 7 and Widows 8 with IE 8 browser.

Optimize - The above correction enabled us to finalize the full gallery enhancement in Windows XP, IE 7, IE8, Windows 7, IE8, IE8 and IE9 and Windows 8, IE10 and IE10 Desktop. The Tweak - Full Gallery test and optimisation for all 3 Windows platforms - for these older browser - Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.

The Tweak - Complete gallery test and optimize for Apple IOS Safari on iPhone and all iPhone ips. Using the lightbox utility for the picture popup window, the actual picture was not displayed, but the first picture in the gallery. As a result, a -1 was displayed in the Gallery container instead of the actual picture, since wp-admin with SSL application only allows https:, but the address of admin-ajax is http: and it is rejected, resulting in the return of the -1 bug.

When you don't have this setup, nothing changes for you if you have HTTP on your wp-admin (or soon to be installed ) and HTTP on the frontend, Dynamic Gallery detects it and works as it should. Features - Improvement of the user interface. Full revision of the administration board.

Optimize - WooCommerce Selected scripts for dropdown lists and added option. On some websites, this resulted in the Zoom picture not working. Adblocker' added another feature to hide the name of the gallery category a3dg-images, which caused the most important gallery pictures not to be displayed. Changed the look of the gallery so that it is now displayed with the add-on enabled.

Function - All plugin codes have been upgraded to be 100% WooCommerce V2.0 and vice versa compliant. Notice WooCommerce 2. So far the gallery could not find these pictures and showed no picture. Media library thumbnails have a red letter and appear in the overlay text to help understand why people should remove the picture and post it to the gallery.

Function - Added preference to Admin dashboard to configure'Gallery activity default'. You can enable or disable the dynamic gallery for all product pages in the dashboard, except for product pages that have a customized gallery enable state. Function - Added a ' Restore gallery activations to default' flag to the admin area. This flag allows you to restore all gallery activations to your specified state.

Optimize - Jumped from 1.0 release. to stay in sync with the Pro license edition. Features - 2 x faster loading of gallery images. The way the gallery images mini views are uploaded has been revised, resulting in a 50% decrease in gallery loading time. WooCanvas Tweak - Gallery reviewed on WooCanvas topic for 100% interoperability in Fire Fox, Google Chrome, Safari, IE8, IE9, IE5, IE6 and Android.

Added thumbnail help text in administration pane, warn not to empty thumbnail width and size to'0' because it will cause a faulty line'not divisible by zero' to appear on products pages instead of the Gallery. org Beschreibung, Plugins und Plugins Dashboard. How to use this feature to display a faulty line. Optimize - Dynamic Gallery now only recognises picture sizes. jpg, . jumpeg, . jumpeg, . gpg, . posi, .png.

There is no other detected data and it is not displayed in the gallery or in the picture gallery manager's metalox. This means that you can upload PDF's like PDF's and the gallery won't display them or in the Pro versions creates variants for them in the popup-imagemanager. Added'Apply to All' function in the Gallery picture viewer popup window - this function allows the PRO release users to add all variants in a kit with one click on the chosen picture - thanks to Shawn for the feed back and the ideas.

The Tweak - Updated source with the new Pro Edition Variation Products image management to allow a smooth update to the Professional Edition. Fixed - Stop laziness scanning when initializing the gallery for autostart (Lite and Professional versions) and when autostart is not enabled in the Professional one. At this point, the loaded scene will not begin to move until the next picture in the gallery begins.

Fixed - Single-frame click zooming feature. When you click on the picture or click on the zooming button, the actual picture will be opened. Optimize - Update the dashboard to show new functions of the Professional Edition - respond to the settings and add pictures of variations of products. Optimize - Added Checkboxes for versions of Pro to disable gallery and variant pictures in the Gallery Catalog Pages managers.

Function - Adds a font box scripts to the plugin so that if the design does not have font box functionality or is deactivated in the administration panels, zooming the gallery picture can still work. Fixed - The gallery previews do not work on websites that do not have wp_enqueue_script('thickbox') by defaul. The Tweak - Enqueue Plugin scripts in the bottom line use wp_enqueue_script, so it is now only loading on demand instead of location-wide and has no effect on page loading speed.

The Tweak - Enqueue plugin styles in the headers use what is known as what is known as wp_enqueue_style, so that it is now only used when needed and no longer has to be applied across locations and has no effect on page loading speed. The Tweak - Adds plugin documentation and support link to the wp plugin Dashboard descriptions. The Tweak - Adds plugin descriptions to the wp plugins Dashboard.

Fixed - Edit Javascript to fix the problem of scaling the images. Fixed - Set the gallery z index to a low number so that the topic nav-bar drop down lists do not appear behind the gallery. Fixed - Removes gallery scripts that make wid from blocks to 100%, which caused some topics to display footing widgets 100% broad.

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