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Get Woocommerce Template

Fetch template part (for templates such as the shop loop). The WooCommerce function, while "woocommerce_get_template_part" does not. Schauen Sie in yourtheme/slug-name.php und yourtheme/woocommerce/slug-name.php.

if ( $name &&& ; amp ; !

get_template_part () - Returns template part (for template like the store loop).

Fetch template part (for template like the store loop).!! name ( string) optionally - template name (default: ''').... " " ; // // Returns the standard setting schlug-name.php. "If the template does not exists, look in yourtheme/slug.php and yourtheme/woocommerce/slug.php.

" "Allow third plug-ins to extract template files from your plug-in. _template_part',,,,,,,,,, ;, WC_Shortcode_Products::product_loop() - Loop over found objects. WC_Shortcodes::product_page() Displays a separate page of the WooCommerce application. woocommerce_content() - Displays WooCommerce contents. apply_filters() - Calls the WooCommerce function added to a filtering checkmark. load_template() - Requires the template document with WordPress in it.

locate_template () - Returns the name of the template with the highest precedence that exist. wc_get_template_part() - Get template part (for template like the store loop). wc() - Main instance of WooCommerce.

php- WooCommerce Feature wc_get_template() change

This is a sub shopping basket feature for my website that invokes a sub product template for grouped items, the issue is that it only works if the template is actually in the Woocommerce plug-in template directory. That is not good as all Woocommerce update will remove my template.

Trouble is the third line "wc_get_template" this feature works for me only if the template is located in the woocommerce folder plugins template. If I need it to call the template from my subfolder "Custom-Groups". Anyone know how I can get this feature to get the template from a different location than the plug-in template one?

If I try to include this user-defined template in my Woocommerce folder in my kid topic, the template doesn't work for some sort of reasons, I think the issue is that it doesn't overwrite an initial template...... ; 'Single product/additional to-cart/group-wise simfree.php', 'Grouped_product', 'Grouped_products' (), 'Quantities_required'); ();

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