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Home Control is a lightweight plugin that lets you switch visibility and rearrange the home page components of your WooTheme. First Steps with the Homepage Control Home Page Controls is a light plug-in that lets you switch your WooTheme's homepage view and rearrange its component parts. You can download the Homepage from WordPress.org for free. In order to use Homepage Control: 1.

go to: Look > Feature > Customize > Homepage Controls. Use drag & drop to rearrange elements. Each new component that is added after the original setup must be switched in the " Homepage Controls " pane by hand.

Every topic that has a homepage promotion on the homepage is compliant. Every Woo topic published on or after January 1, 2014 is compliant with homepage checking. Home page controls monitor the home page actions performed on the home page. Every feature that is included in this operation is displayed in the preferences.

That means that Homepage Control is compliant with third-party topics that use the same hook, or with any user-defined features that you include through the sub topic.

Showing WooCommerce product on your homepage

Each WooCommerce shop proprietor would like to publish his presented product on the homepage of his WordPress website at some point. You either perform a specific action or try to categorise the buying experiences for your visitors. Prior to starting, please be aware that each topic behaves differently and it is not possible to make sure that this methodology works for ALL topics, but most well encoded topics should work well.

It works if your design has an available side bar area (widget) on the home page or uses a default page or article that appears on the title page. There are two ways to view Conductor Component Blocks: Short code that you can build with our Add-on to view on any page or posting.

In this example I will use the WordPress topic Zerif Lite. The design uses various widgets that you can adjust for the home page. We use the Conductor Widget directly in the WordPress Customizing to view two WooCommerce product in an area of our choice. You can see that Zerif has many different section to use, some are better than others to show our WooCommerce product.

Here I would like to use the "Our Focus Section" to install our Conductor Widgets. The addition of the Conductor Widgets is as simple as the addition of another WordPress Widgets to the side bar. As soon as we've uploaded it to our section, it's finally your turn to begin customizing the contents edition! We will be choosing from many different items that we will continue to use and pick up our WooCommerce items to present them.

It will show us the two latest WooCommerce items in our shop. Everything that you want to accomplish with the presentation of your product on your homepage is dependent. Because Conductor is loaded in a wideget, you can simply batch or rearrange it when you need it. Setting up the Conductor Widgets display:

I' ve hidden the standard WordPress tutorial, contents pane, and other links view. Using the user-defined box lookup to WooCommerce to add the shopping basket links and pricing box. With Conductor you can rearrange the panels or even modify the labels as needed.

WooCommerce Make Your WooCommerce Screen Easy! The Conductor makes it simple for you to view WordPress contents on your website. Check out the above movie to see the whole trial in motion, it's really simple!

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