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Hello, I was wondering if there is a webhosting plugin for Wordpress, I was looking for Butt who couldn't find anything useful. The Breeze cache plugin offers better performance than any other cache plugin in the industry. Could you help these guys? Hello, I was asking myself if there is a webhosting plugin for Worpress, I was looking for Butter who couldn't find anything useful. I don't think there is one, but you should be able to build your won spreadsheet and could use it to use the vmdc clients portals.

Found a hosting site that uses Worpres as its main trading tool. However, it is integrated with MMCS. I' m sorry I have to post this, but it would be great to have a plugin for Worpress that will be able to handle any templates with it. I' ve tried that wheelaks make a good fit between them, but I have always fail every single one of them. koramo, I don't think it would be this easy trial, since the templating architecture of whccs is totally different from what you have in Wordpress.

It is probably simpler to easily change a regular HTML hosting style to WHMCS "skin". So I came here looking for the same as I am a web hosting business and it is sitting on the page well I am doing web camping on my other website which provides search engine optimization (SEO) and things, so I thought about making a web hosting quote to complement my visitor's.

There must be a plugin or its own period to be able to dominate it. Well, Id be much simpler to just have it connected to the servers that sets up the accounts with all the detail, just give the customers a welcome mail and your done. simple mouse... see why we need the plugin... stone on joy that I found this page.

The WHMCS is stunning.

WhiteMpress - WHMCS WordPress Integration Plugin from creativityon

To use this plugin, you need a separately licenced WHMCS install. With WHMpress you can integrate your WHMCS products, domains and prices into WordPress easily and seamlessly and display them in a wide range of ways, among them packet compare charts, pricelists and orderuttons. Customers are brought to your WHMCS to finalize their purchases.

To keep your customers on your WordPress page, you should also buy our separate 'Client Area Add-on'. The WHMpress is designed for web host with a view to flexible hosting. There will be no need to go back and forth between WordPress and WHMCS to take into account changes in prices and packages. Choose WHMpress for your security and safety.

MMpress gets your hosting schedule name, rates, order link & domains from MMCS and displays them in the shape of unusual rates charts, order combinations, order button & domains rates charts. You can use shortcuts to add these elements anywhere on your Web hosting page. WhiteMpress Synerc extracts WHMCS information from your WHMCS databases into your WhiteMpress databases - so any changes you make in WhiteMpress can be quickly synchronized and quickly reflected on your WhiteMpress site - without you having to type them twice.

Developed from the ground up by a web hosting firm with a profound passion for WHMCS. The WHMpress is your last stop with all the necessary utilities you need to create a great web hosting site from WordPress and WHMCS, a fully charged WHMCS Bridged and Embedded website that gives you more choices for viewing your web hosting list.

With WHMpress storing your price list, domain list and everything else you need in WordPress, you don't have to get it from WHMCS every single day to get the best service. For most of the most common topics WHMpress provides suitable components. If you place a price chart in Avada, WHMpress fetches the price from WHMCS and returns it as an Avada-compliant price chart [ Movie ] .

Plus a host of functions you won't find in any other WP-WHMCS integration solutions. Now WHMpress is multi-lingual and supports the WordPress default conversion with . po/. mo-documents. From the beginning, we knew that our end user will be a host itself (not an end user), so we developed WHMpress with flexibility in mind. What we did was to make WHMpress more flexible.

It is all administered through the administration area and most of the time you don't even have to go to MMCS to get important product-related information. It is a function that you will not find in any plugin. Are you concerned about your THMCS protection and your servers and client information? Never save the MMCS-wassword. Even if your front-end WP makes a compromise, your WMCS is 100% safe. It is a safe WP-WHMCS bridge for you.

The WHMpress saves your configuration once in WordPress and uses it out of WordPress. Thus it is possible to create MMCS Bridge without making compromises on performance and safety. The only thing you have to do is type in your information once and let WHMPress do the math. When you are comfortable with WordPress and have a working environment, it will take less than an hours to improve your web hosting operation with the best WordPress integration from WordPress WEB.

The WHMPress - WHMCS WP Integration Stack, is a set of plug-ins developed and build for webhosters who use WHMCS & WordPress as their front-end. Every plugin works independent from each other and still works with other WHMPress plugs during installation. The WHMPress Integration Stack contains three plug-ins and one addon. We' re in the web hosting industry, just like you, and we' re definitely listening to you.

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