Woocommerce Hosting Theme

Voocommerce Hosting Theme

Web hosting sites must be appealing, informative and easy to navigate. Webhosting, WHMCS and Firmware WordPress Topic with WooCommerce by Fluent Topics The Maxhost is a well-designed web hosting solution and WP theme for your company's WP. It allows you to start a fully functioning website in less than half an hours. Comes with WHMCS templates ||| WooCommerce ||| Revolution Slider ||| Visual Composer Page Builder ||| MailChimp ||| Aweber ||| Mega Menu and many more powerful functions.

You' ll receive $34 Visual Composer and $19 Revolution Slider plugins with this theme as a free gift. Because you might end up wanting to resell things, why not resell them with the WooCommerce plug-in? The Maxhost comes with an elegant WooCommerce integrated solution so you can expand your store and get up and running in no hurry.

Only 10 and a half moments to build your website like a preview website, and then drag and drop your web pages. Watch these easy video tutorials to see how easy it is to set up and maintain your website with Maxhost Theme. The WHMCS customized templates are compliant with the latest WHMCS release (version 7.6) and also with the older releases (v7.5, v7.4, v6.2, v6.3) and WHMCS templates are available to be installed on your WHMCS website.

This is a preview of the MMCS template created for your web page. There is no need to buy the WHMCS Bridge plug-in. Now you can set up and use MMCS without the bridge plug-in. There are other topics available with MMCS that oblige you to use the Bridge plug-in, but we don't, we want to conserve your moneys.

Save your money on the Bridge plug-in. All you need is a single licence of MMCS and then you can set up the MMCS templates on your web page within a few moments by following our given instructions with the buy-file. WooCommerce 3.4.

Solved CSS bug in MMCS submission. WBMCS artwork is compliant with the latest release (7.5.1) of WBMCS. The WooCommerce file has been upgraded to be WooCommerce 3.4 compliant. Enhancements to the MMCS WHM style sheet have been made to the content of the workbook. Purchasing codes checking procedure is in place. 3. WooCommerce Corrected 0 compatiblity report. User-defined MMCS style sheet has some incompatibility problems with the latest release of MMCS.

These problems are solved. Added new item in the Topic box to get the possibility to modify the "About Company" heading of the footer. Added new option: Select a user-defined colour from an infinite colour range as the overall colour of your website. Corrected some errors and added some new features. Added sidebar function for WooCommerce pages.

Built-in WooCommerce interoperability. Please note: Some pictures in the Life preview are only used for previews and are not part of the original buyfile.

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