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Learn why the latest version of the WooCommerce REST API is ready and includes new endpoints and improvements to existing endpoints. With WooCommerce you can turn your Wordpress blog into a fully customizable online store. release - WooCommerce development We are happy to announce today that WooCommerce 3. Version 5 is available for betatesting! It can be downloaded directly here or you can use our new WooCommerce Betatester plug-in to test WooCommerce betas and releases.

Update of every version since the 3. version WooCommerce REST API is now available with new and improved end-points and enhancements to legacy outcomes.

An end point for ratings to enumerate, receive, generate, and maintain ratings. You can now edit date field on the end point of the item, and the end point has been refreshed to work with the backlog inventory state. Added new order-by option for the end point Produkte to allow listings of end point items by pricing, approval or valuation.

Automatically calculate the overall amount when attaching or deleting vouchers in the order end point. Further documentations about the new version of the REST-API will be available in the next few days. WooCommerce transaction e-mails have largely retained their original text for years. We' ve upgraded the standard email vocabulary to be more friendly and humane.

Enhancing standard contents improves the consumer experiences and reduces the need for shop owner to perform templates outs of merchant e-mails. It is the first stage of a major effort to enhance WooCommerce's e-mail and authoring capabilities. Using the post-meta data base tables to save information on products was a major shortage in the scalability of WooCommerce shops.

We have been working on the migration of the WooCommerce currently storing information in the post-meta spreadsheet into user-defined databases designed and optimised for commodity use. As a result, the branches will experience major improvements in terms of efficiency and significantly improved scale. During our tests, we have reached a 30% increase in productivity on product-heavy pages with these user-defined spreadsheets!

Version 3.5 will include the necessary custom product table hook and filter for WooCommerce. At the moment, the features plug-in is in the betas phase, but it will soon be available for commercial use and WooCommerce shops are being set up. Meanwhile, it will be easier for you to test the features plug-in in full Beta and see what kind of improvement in your shop's capabilities you can expect.

Do not test on productive environments because the user-defined table plug-in has the ability to cause lost information. Learn more about the plug-in customized product table, our customized table plan and how to test the plug-in here. Fault logs for incidental e-mails with the WooCommerce-Logger.

php- Run notes through new wc_kses_notice function. order/order-again. php- Refactored order again handlings. content-widget-product. php-ad additional check too to avoid fatal errors whenever global $product is not a product. single-product-reviews. php- undötige aria-requis attributes entfernt.

We hope that we can keep WooCommerce 3. Five in betas for the next two weks. To help us with our test, you can use our new WooCommerce Test Tester plug-in. We' ve published a small letter about beta-testing that should make it easier for you to get in.

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