Woocommerce Modules

Voocommerce Modules

The WooCommerce integration with the Free Astra theme has been seen. YITH Infinite Scrolling WooCommerce module adds infinite scrolling to your shop. It'?s a module system: It'?s a module system: It' also designed to work with your favourite WordPress plug-ins so you can keep the functionality you already like.

Since you have full power, you can create limitless product and user additions and place limitless orders. Over 400 formal extensions: We have a multitude of enhancements from payment and shipment to merchandising and bookkeeping, all developed by programmers just like you.

Successfully selling begins long before someone has clicked on "buy". Build a shop as one-of-a-kind as your own make and provide a memorable navigation adventure through your product, contents and websites. Integrate product, cash register and more on each page: You can use shortcuts to attach your product to your blogs or make your own pages that go directly to your cash register.

Finding the right category, tag and tag is easy: You can help your clients find what they are looking for by tagging a description of a specific item. Adds additional features, such as sizes, so your clients can find what's most important to them. Enable your clients to rank your consumer goods by appeal, novelty, review, pricing, or tag to find the right fitting.

Infinite number of pictures and galleries: Easily attach any number of photographs to showcase your product. Unrestricted number of products: Adds as many items as you want to be selling - your only limitation is your stock. Selling is the goal, and your shop is the place where your shoppers can either give up things in the corridors or close a lot.

Physically, digitally, or both: Vendor physically shipped goods to a client, digitally downloadable goods, or any mix of both. Related products: Display items available on other websites with an affilate hyperlink where clients can buy them. Infinite variations: Imported and exported products: Allow your clients to pick up, deliver locally or send.

Specify a Flatrate or specify different sets for different items, such as surcharges for heavier items. Compute and show your clients the right tariffs at the cash register. Provide free shipment for certain product or site types - the option is yours. Geolocation support: Receive orders on time in front of the store and keep your clients up to date to keep them happy and ready for your next shopping spree.

Enable your clients to sign up and select whether they want to automate the generation of user names and password or not. Notify your clients in crucial phases, such as after a sale or when their order is completed. Provide your clients with vouchers for a set amount, a discount rate or promotions such as free delivery.

Provide vouchers for the entire shopping basket or certain items. Similar products: Demonstrate related items to help consumers find complimentary items or motivate them to buy more. Emphasize important items in your business: You can use a broadget to present top items, a particular product group, a particular day, sold items, presented items, or recently seen items on any page of your business.

View your best product and category. Customize your WordPress dashboard with a single screen for your WordPress orders, sells, and order history to see how your business is doing. We do not hoster or save any of your data or information. 24/7 telephone, e-mail and instant messaging services? Is my shop going to be a Google Trusted Shop?

Our shop relies on your hosted solutions being safe. Optimizing mobility will depend on your choices - we suggest you take a look at our Storefront theming.

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