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Selling Full Length Records and individual tracks on WooCommerce. WooCommerce does not have the ability to resell both a single vinyl disc and single song files in the same list of products. That means you have to include each trace as a seperate item, which can result in a very overloaded catalogue page. If you use our Cue Pro plug-in, there is a workflow that allows you to resell single songs and the full-length disc on the same one.

With Cue Pro, as you know, you can create buy link to any song in a play list. WooCommerce's unique feature and catalogue transparency allows us to include a play list in an album's descriptive text while at the same time eliminating the need for extra single-track music. We will use our Merchato topic in this demo as it comes with full WooCommerce connectivity and will look great right out of the box. What's more, it will look great in the future.

Insert your full length vinyl just like any other removable download. WooCommerce your songs just like you did on the full-length WooCommerce albums. The Publish section of the edit item screens for each title provides an item for changing catalogue visibility. We do not want each and every one of the listed items to appear on the home page of our store, so we will change it to "Search results only".

" As a result, the trace is hidden, but the user can still browse for it. On our demonstration page you can now see that the single traces are no longer viewable on the product page. Just like any cue play list, you can attach your prelistening audio file as an mp3 for each of the album's song.

Stage 4: Put "Add to Cart" buttons for each single song in your game. Do you know that you can put a "Add to Cart" shortcut to any WooCommerce article? The only thing you need is the article ID that you get when you hover your mouse over a name in WooCommerce's All Products window.

943 in the above example is the tracking ID for one. It is the number you need to place your order in the shopping cart. Default size for a "Add to cart" is: "Add to cart": Therefore, the following example should be used: It is what needs to be added to the order URL for that particular song.

Note that you can perform this procedure for all songs on the albums. Stage 5: Incorporate your CD Pro Play List into the full featured descriptive panel of the albums. Get your cue play list short code and include it in the full-length albums of your brand. Now you have a unique products page where your clients can buy the entire record or just a few songs!

WooCommerce reloads the page your users are on by default when they put an article in their shopping basket. It works well when someone tries to buy the products shown on the page. But if a visitor hits the Buy Button for each song, the website will be forced to refresh the home page.

In order to avoid this, you can activate the possibility to divert the users to the basket page after they have placed an article in their basket. Settings Products Display ? Products Display ? Adds behaviour when making purchases. As a result, the visitor is redirected to his basket page. If you want to resell an albums, you can do the same for each one.

WooCommerce will publish a natively designed function that allows you to list complete album and single track together.

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