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WordPress Shop Plug-in - WooCommerce Live Demo. Backoffice login for online sellers: Build a free online store for Modern! However, your online shop cannot be cached in the same way. In order to get a better idea of the topic before buying, you can take a look at our online demos.

Fishing Online Store WooCommerce Demo #56017

Using a single-user submission license, you get a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the submission on a unique top-level domain. A buyout license makes sure that you are the last buyer/licensee of the original.

Receive non-exclusive, non-transferable authorization to use the Submission on more than one domain.

Veneedor - WordPress + WooCommerce Topic by topic PBX

The Venedor Ultimate Wordpress + Woocommerce theme is highly adaptable, simple to use and fully reactive. - New Plugins (Visual Composer,Slider Revolution). - Upgraded style.css. - It fixed some smaller problems. - Actualized plug-ins (Visual Composer, Slider Revolution). - Updates style.css. - Several other minor problems have been resolved. - New plug-ins: WooCommerce.

  • Updated Woocommerce template file. - Update your Layerslider plug-in. Refreshed optical componist, revolutionary sliders, layers sliders plug-ins. - Resolved the problem with the side bar bugs in the side bar tool. Refreshed optical componist, revolutionary sliders, layers sliders plug-ins.
  • One minor problem with the Woocommerce templates pattern has been resolved. - The Twitter tweets Widget problem was solved. - Problem with small Java script solved. Update plug-in for the visually minded musician. Woocommerce 2.6.3-compliant. Revolutions slider update (5.2. 6), level slider (5.6. 9) plug-ins. - Fix the problem with the Woocommerce Axax filtering plug-in. Update revolutionary slider(5.2.5. 4) plug-in.

Woocommerce 2.6.1-compliant. Refreshed optical componist (4. 12), revolutionary slider (5.2.5. 3) plug-in. Woocommerce 2.6 compatibility. Update plugin for optical musician ( - Fix problem with speed dialing a product. Update plugin for visually oriented musician ( 4.10). - The style problem has been solved. - Some small problem with the styling has been solved. - This fixes a problem with the shopping basket icon labeled Axax.

  • Fixed a small problem with the styling. Woocommerce 2.5 compatibility. - Removed the problem with sorting products by favorite. Added item viewing mode in Shop & Woocommerce section. Added shop & categorie (woocommerce) flag settings. Added Movable Filters Panels in Shop & Woocommerce categories to the list.

Update turolutin slider (5.1. 4), visual composer (4. 9) plug-in. - Corrected problem with zooming the picture of the camera. - Problem with shopping basket page artwork resolved. - An Ajax template problem has been resolved. Refreshed version of Visual Composer( 1) plug-in. Update revolutionary slider (5. 1) plug-in. - Removed the problem with ordering items from the store page. Update to the Visual Composer (4.7. 4) plug-in.

  • Problems with the megamenu pop-up styles have been resolved. - Fixed small styling problems. - fixed a problem with the Woocommerce Axax translator. Update your version of our visual composer(4.7. 2) plugin. - The bug with speed dialing corrected. Revised revolutionary slide control (5.0. - Slider Arrow Styles of the Revolutions have been corrected. Added a new value for the "Hide Banner" flag in the Banners group.

Update revolutionary slide control (5.0. 5) and plug-ins for visual composite (4. 7). Update revolutionary sliders and layer sliders plug-ins. Woocommerce 2.4.5-compliant. - An minor problem in the floating point version has been resolved. - Solved this problem of soft release on the products page. Refreshed optical musician, revolutionary slide control plug-ins. Update your ngm plug-in activating plug-in.

Updates Visual composer (4.6. 1) and envato Worldpress toolkit plug-ins. - The problem with the reducx frameworks has been solved. - Corrected the problem with translating Woocommerce in the shopping basket page. Upgraded plugin for the optical musician ( 4.6 ). Refreshed your existing Facebook Likesbox widget. - Fixed the problem with the ribbon on the Products Library page when only the category was displayed. - Problems with the AUXAX NAV filters have been resolved.

Update reducx frameworks. Update plug-in for optical musician ( 4.5.3 ). - A plugin for selecting colors or picture variations in Woocommerce has been deleted. - fixed a problem searching for Woocommerce-Ajax. - A problem with comparing Woocommerce versions has been resolved. Woocommerce 2.3.10 compliant. Update your browser to one of the latest versions of the plugin Visual Composer (version 4.5.2). Update revolutionary slide control plug-in (version 4.6.93).

Upgraded layer slider plug-in (version 5.4.0). - This product sort problem has been resolved. - The Multisite problem was solved. Update your browser to GFI FAXmaker 4.5 plug-in. Woocommerce 2.3.8-compliant. Update plug-in for the visually minded musician. - Corrected the problem with the picture item of the visually composed musician. Updates 4.4 Basic 4.4 and 3 plug-in. Woocommerce 2.3.6-compliant.

Woocommerce Upgraded Woocommerce color or image variation selection plug-in. - We solved the problem with Woocommerce. - Worked with Wish List, comparison sheet. - corrected the pattern for the minivan. - In case you are updating the Venetian topic, please delete the following files: - Solved problem translating Woocommerce. - updated the plug-in for the optical musician.

  • The problem with the topic was solved. Built-in upgraded plug-in for the visually minded musician. - Removed small styles problems in the bottom line. - Repair of miniproblems in topic preferences. - Main car minivan rate taxes. - Small stylistic problems solved. - Bugfix for scroll in minitrolley. - Added scroll bar correction to the side bar. Built-in upgraded revolutionary slide control plug-in.

Works with the Code Styling Locale plug-in. - Frame options fix in the look of the sketch. - You had a problem with the top of the range labelling look. - Wishlist problem for Woocommerce resolved. - Bug with grids of items and lists views has been solved. When using the Lock key combination, include your own personal favorite Visual Writer' s styling. Activates the visual composite front end constructor. - A grouped product pricing problem on the picture has been resolved.

  • Fix problem with translating. - Fix the problem with the over-effect on the products list page. - Scrolling in the side bar has been corrected. - Problems with page numbering on the results page of the Find Products page have been resolved. - fixed the problem with the picture of the products. - Issue with the 4. 0 has been resolved. - Fixed the problem with the date of the blogs. - Problems with bread crumbs have been solved. - fixed small style problems.

Woocommerce 2.2.7-compliant. - The problems with activating the plug-in have been solved. - The bread crumbs problem has been resolved. - We solved this plug-in problem. - We have fixed the problem with the facingbook samebox. - Somewhat hairstyle problems solved. Added the Show brief descriptions of products item to the list. Update the revolutionary slide control and the layer control. - Box size problem similar to the one on Wall Street resolved.

  • Problem with product level calculations has been solved. - Updated the symbol for adding to shopping basket. - It was a modification of the pattern for my bankroll. - fixed shopping basket chart old prize styling problem. - Trouble with the demo shop styles has been solved. - fixed the problem with the row size after changing the frame width in the button rows. - Reparaded as "Sidebar Heading Style" to "Sidebar Style" in Theme Design/Block, Sidebar, Tables, Document.
  • Fix a memory problem in the design of the design. In the Topic Settings/Shop & Category (Woocommerce), select Show Title and Show Description. - Fix problem with zooming in and out of Java Script in your products picture. Update Layerslider plug-in. Update simple boatstrap links, woocommerce, xith woocommerce jax nav, xith woocommerce comparison, xith woocommerce wish list plug-ins.

Adds your Woocommerce Navigationsplugin to your Woocommerce account. Added Woocommerce colour or picture selection plug-in. - Trouble with the format of the request forms has been solved. - The problem with the automatic playback of speed dials was solved. Update revolutionary slide control plug-in. - Solved small problems with translations. - Fix some small styling problems. Insert the labeled "Sale" into the slide bar of the products.

Update the plug-in for the optical musician. - The issue with the trace codes has been resolved. - Sort by text problems in multiple languages has been corrected. - Error with the searching mask in the headline solved. - Fix problem with set styles in Filefox. Update Layerlider plug-in. - Trouble with the warning when checking out has been resolved. - Several minor stylistic problems solved. - Deactivate the front end of the Visual Builderditor.

Refreshed contact form 7, LayerSlider, Revolution Slider, Visual Composer, Subscribe2 Plugins. Adds a pop-up stile to the layer 1 menus. - Has fixed a problem with this badge, if the wish list was disabled, see also. - Has been fixed in Quick View.

  • Fix issue with saving the config files in the design of the theme. - Resolved the problem with the ReduxFramework. Update the revolutionary slide control. - The problem with the offsets of joquery vertices has been solved. - A new shortcode "sw_sale_products" was added. - Solving a problem with the zooming of solid lenses in variational products. Update your phantom records. Include 3 samples rotation faders.

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