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From a technical point of view, WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin. Merchant can append coupons, see voucher listing. Merchant can append coupons, see voucher listing. Repeated order allows fast addition to the shopping basket. Easily configurable text and colour of the buttons.

Delivery costs for articles, shopping basket, etc. Give more than one contact in a same order. Lists of past orders of gifts. Repetition of the present from previous orders. Users can create more than one contact.

WooCommerce - what is it? Get Getting started with the best free eCommerce plugin

Would you like to begin the sale of your product or service on-line? With WooCommerce, you may well have the best choice. In this article we explain what WooCommerce is and everything you need to know to get off to a good start. WooCommerce is a great place to be. With WooCommerce you can resell your WordPress site with your own product and service. It is a free WordPress plugin with extra functions that are available as enhancements.

The WooCommerce solution is developed by Automattic, the division of WordPress, so that when you use it, you are in good hands. Now you can use it to WooCommerce - what is it? Where WooCommerce is for the sale of goods and related aervices. Now you can resell your product digitally and physically, track your stock and shipments, make safe payment, and automate tax sorting. By far, WooCommerce is the best developed and most loved e-commerce plugin for WordPress.

Indeed, it is now the most widely-used e-commerce tool on all sites, accounting for 42% of all on-line shops (source: The Entire Internet). But before we immerse ourselves in the use of this great plugin, let's examine why WooCommerce is the best way to sell your website's goods and service.

What should I use WooCommerce for? There is WooCommerce since 2011 and has a powerful developer behind it. Supported by this and its ever increasing appeal, WooCommerce is getting better and better. Like WordPress, WooCommerce is free and open-source. WooCommerce allows anyone to create and operate a professionally run web shop from their WordPress website.

I will show you how easy this can be done in a nutshell, but first I'd like to explain some of the best parts of WooCommerce to you. The installation of WooCommerce is as easy as plugging another WordPress plugin into your website. It can be downloaded free of charge from the WordPress plugin folder directly available from your website administrator.

WooCommerce is also unbelievably simple to setup once it has been deployed. With the built-in setup wizard, it only took a few moments to sort important parts of your business, complete with payments and shipments. The WooCommerce comes with an astonishing array of functions right after unpacking. Sometimes, when a plugin is simple to use, it has just finite-fasibility.

The opposite is the case with WooCommerce. WooCommerce offers a variety of ways to extend its functions with topics, plug-ins, extensions or - if you are particularly interested - the plugin itself. WooCommerce's answer to the following video: "What is WooCommerce"? You can see that WooCommerce has everything you expect from an e-commerce plugin.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced WordPress customer, WooCommerce is perfect for any shop. WooCommerce is the natural solution whether you want to resell from an already established WordPress site or want to relaunch an entire shop from the ground up. So, now we have the what and why of WooCommerce, I will show you how to create your own WordPress WooCommerce shop.

Like I said before, WooCommerce makes it simple to open an on-line shop. In order to put your WordPress website on-line, you need "hosting" and a "domain name". Hosted is your website's memory - a place where you can keep all the information that makes up your shop. You can purchase web site services and a domainname from the same web site provider and then download and use WordPress for free within a few moments.

While there are many hosters out there, we strongly suggest SiteGround for cost-effective, high value WordPress web site hosting. Being WordPress hosters, they take charge of the tech side and get your website up and running quickly. You can find their schedules by visiting the SiteGround website and selecting WordPress Services from the menus.

Hosted services and ancillary services. That will help to minimise the load time of your WooCommerce shop. At Extra Services, I suggest that you include domain protection to keep your private information (name and home address) out of the website owner's official WHOIS data base. All you need to do now is install WordPress - which is also very simple.

WordPress is easy to install. There is a "famous five-minute installation", but in fact you can set it up even quicker. You will be led through the set-up wizard. Pre-install WordPress on this Microsoft WordPress Server user interface, continue and click Continue. Then you can select your WordPress logon credentials for the website.

Finally, please go to the "Choose a web site artwork that will be used with your WordPress theme" section, as we will soon be selecting a WooCommerce-enabled one. Browse down, click Send and SiteGround installs WordPress to your website in seconds. When this is done, you can access your WordPress page by entering the domainname you have previously chosen into your web browsers.

Well, now that everything is clear, we are prepared to start installing WooCommerce! If you are completely new to WordPress, take a look at our full featured WordPress audio guide for a full WordPress experience. As soon as you have your WordPress page up and running (or you may already have WordPress up and running), it's even simpler to add WooCommerce to your page.

WooCommerce can be installed directly from your WordPress setup, just like any other WordPress plug-in. For those not familiar with the procedure, you can watch our practical WordPress plugin setup wallpaper guide. In order to use WooCommerce on your website, go to WooCommerce plug-in at ? add new and look for "WooCommerce" to find the WooCommerce plug-in.

When you find it, click Install Now, and then click Activate. You will be immediately redirected to the WooCommerce Wizard: You will be guided through some of the most important WooCommerce features. You will want to go through this facility immediately and fill in all the shop related information. As soon as you have finished the set-up, go back to the WordPress Dashboard.

You will see that the plugin has added a number of additional features and menu items to your website. We have completed the essential set-up, so we will come back to these new features later - even add items. But first we need a new topic. Next is the selection and installation of a WooCommerce-enabled design that determines what your website looks like.

You need a WordPress topic that leverages WooCommerce's unparalleled features: things like your pages, your storefront showing all your items, and the ordering process: If you are considering a topic, you should review all WooCommerce pages - not just the store page. A few topics will say that they are "WooCommerce compatible" or "WooCommerce integrated", although they do not really integrate the designs of these much needed page layout.

Use caution when selecting a topic because the fake one can make your website look non-professional. Remember that your shoppers will see your shop on a wide range of equipment, among them desktop computers, laptop computers, mobile telephones and more. WooCommerce is kind on the move, but it's the subject that determines the design.

WooCommerce has a complete WordPress WooCommerce subject matter collection that is suitable for any kind of e-commerce shop.

You will need to use your WooCommerce-compatible designs for your entire website, so it is important that you pick a style that you like. First of all you have to buy the selected pattern. Go to the Appearance side bar of your website at Themes, click Appearance New and Upload Theme: From your computer, browse to the themes download and click Open and Install Now.

The design will then be installed on your new website. Here you can join the guided visit to find out more about the topic, as well as additional ways to customise it. We are now good to continue with the more detailed detail of WooCommerce use! You have already selected the key configuration that WooCommerce needs from the Setup Wizard's original instructions.

We will now discuss some of the additional things you need to get your shop up and running. What you need to know is how to get your shop up and run. WooCommerce has some very detailed video for WooCommerce surfers if you need additional clarification on any of these points. First thing you need to do is a few additional items! Those are the things you're going to sell.

Visit our added items page and you will be redirected to the items page. It is similar to posting or posting pages, but specifically for WooCommerce related items. WooCommerce will give you some useful hints when you start using a WooCommerce for the first times, which will tell you a little bit about each section. If you do not give away your free items, you must make payment!

At WooCommerce we have a few built-in gateway methods, such as PayPal. Many of the other options, such as cheques and cash on deliver, are not very useful for an on-line shop. However, Strip is another beloved way to make on-line debit cards purchases. The Stripe plugin can be installed either via the WooCommerce setup wizard or under Plugins at ? Add New: Both PayPal and Stripe allow you to securely store credit card information.

There are no charges for WooCommerce itself, but all card accepting pay engines have a surcharge. Your WooCommerce billing options can be found at ? Settings ? Checkout. Next, please obey the prompts to log in for your account and link it to WooCommerce. You can begin the sale by setting up your own transaction!

While WooCommerce is ready to go, sometimes you have complicated website needs that the plugin can't manage. You do not need any enhancements to begin WooCommerce. Begin your sales with WooCommerce today! You' ve now seen exactly how simple and inexpensive it is to begin to sell WooCommerce on-line, and you can now answer: "What is WooCommerce?" :)

If you follow our guidelines, you can order a professionally designed shop now! And thanks to the expandability of WooCommerce, your shop has unlimited room for the up-coming.

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