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Demo Woocommerce Plugin

Get free and premium plugins for WooCommerce, the most widely used WordPress e-commerce plugin in the world. Have a look at our online demos. WooCommerce Viral Plugin: BuyForMe product from Burnhambox now WooCommerce Viral Plugin: For all WooCommerce topics. Rather than a simple email with a hyperlink, your users can email the plugin to anyone using this plugin. When you click the Buy for Me icon, an email previews screen appears.

You can see the picture, caption and pricing of the item here.

Select a beautiful colour theme, type your messages, get your key ready and mail it to everyone. Raising awareness for specific events such as Valentine's Day, New Year, Christmas, Mother's Day, etc. is a popular way to get your customers to buy a specific item. You can now use the "Buy For Me" plugin as part of your marketing strategy and let your customers enjoy sharing your produce (and of course your brand) with theirs.

"The Buy For Me plugin will help you boost your store's traffic by providing an exciting and unforgettable buying environment. Cave - Un thème WooCommerce dédié au commerce électronique qui a remporté le prix de l'expérience eCommerce la plus innovante sur le site Envato's Most Wanted erhalten : Shopfront WooCommerce topics competition with this plugin. For all WooCommerce topics.

On the categories and products pages a Buy For Me icon will appear. Identical to the look of your own style. The short code can be used to show the icon. Please go to "WooCommerce > Preferences > Buy for me" to see the preferences. You can enable/disable the icon at any point. Select/Deselect the key for each individual item.

Shows/hides the buttons on the categories pages. The plugin uses the colours of your design, but you can overwrite them in the preferences window. The plugin uses the standard fonts of your design. Evaluate and compile into any desired languages. contains the name of the project (.pot) files. Deactivate the . pots and use the preferences window for the translations.

The plugin can be used together with extra plugs like "Quick View". Click to append an item to your toolbar buttons. Help filename up-dated. Buy For Me is only loaded when the Buy For Me panel is on. Corrected a problem where the previews pane would double while using the keyboard shortcut. You can now attach the sender/recipient name to the email sent by email by clicking on the email address in the email body.

Use the %email% Tag to view the originator e-mail in the footer. Corrected a problem where a variables was added to Upsells with a selected property, resulting in a catastrophic failure. The plugin now send a copy of the e-mail to the originator automatic. Language file refreshed. WooCommerce 3.

You can now insert a symbol to your badge. Language file refreshed. An error has been corrected where the name of the item did not get the chosen colour. Language file refreshed. Can be used on products pages or in any loops such as products catagories. This is a new option: Show or hide the'Buy for me' buttons on the products pages.

Language filename refreshed. Help filename up-dated. Added the " Use monochrome scheme" checkbox. Language filename refreshed. Corrected a problem where the Yahoo email client corrupted the email templates. Optional button positioning on the products pages. Now if a user uses Buy For Me, you can receive a copy of the email sent.

Use the %name% Tag to show the originator name in the footer. Small style fix in the email templates. Added product image size options to the preferences. Note on the exclusion of liability at the end of the e-mail sent. Added. pos and. mo Turkish language file. The height of the logo image can now be adjusted.

Added the Deactivate language file checkbox to the Preferences.

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