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It' tightly integrated with WooCommerce so you can sell any print or promotional item. WooCommerce Web Template is a powerful print center that is suitable for print shop or print shop service websites. Print Shop - WordPress response print themes from neBaseteam

When you change the Web Browsers pane width, the items of your Web browser's Web Press Print Shop are gently converted at each key point (from 320 to 1920 pixels) to fit the actual monitor area. Unrestricted Design Combinations - A true print shop web design is the collection of 20 headers option, 3 sliders option, 3 solids floor plans, 5+ footing planes option, 5+ menus option and unrestricted view of contents block in areas of the solids.

Widescreen or Blank Print Shop support widescreen or blank design where you can choose the page's width (1024, 1170, 1280 pixels) or even your own non-standard width in the Administration pane. Liquid Mesh System (12-column) - the Wordspress Print Shop uses the largest available width of the monitor to show contents.

Transparency headers - You can create a transparency headers that displays the desired opacity percentage to make the slide control visible. Labelmenubar - The Hauptmenu can be configured to appear by moving down the contents or the fixscreen. Start Slide Show - fully customized, simple to use with limitless creativity of the latest and greatest Wordpress Revolutions sliders, drag-and-drop functions, Visual Compositions, and Import sample-sliders.

View customized contents in more than one block of the sidebar. "Promotional products" slide bar - displays a selection of your chosen items on any page. Camera Pictures - can set the width of your video file and zoom picture - enable/disable camera picture galleries with previous/next button and sliders - activate auto scroll, adjust width, hight and number of thumbnails.

1 ) Plain commodity - a plain bodily commodity that is oversubscribed in the commerce. 7 ) Subscriptions - allows clients to subscribe to interested items, the client is debited every specified subscription time. Trademark logos - The logos can be a shortcut to the same manufacturer's lists of goods. Details page - choose whether you want to view the details page or not, the type of pages, cloud zooming + lightbox - zooming in on the images.

The cloud zoom can be shown inside or outside the primary picture. Hydraulic overview - choose the number of hydraulic overview items shown in a line on the pages of the categories. Displays 2 to 8 items per line for each monitor area. Banners - Show banners anywhere, e.g. in the left/right sidebar, on your blogs and in the section.

File up-loading directly from the detailed page - Buyers can link pictures or directly post a file to any item on the detailed page when placing an order for that item. View upgraded file on check-out page - After upgrading files/images, buyers can put this item in their shopping basket.

A buyer can thus load different files/images into different items and put everything in the basket and checkout the same time. Files that have been added will be displayed on the basket page in the order of the customer's order in Worldpress. Operates with your word-press preset paintshop template: The Max Mega Menue is a substitute for your current menue system.

Sentox Modeler: The Max Mega Menue is the only menue plug-in for MS Excel featuring a graphical drag&drop user Interface. Append any Wordprocessor Widget to your menue! When your word-press preset topic limits you to one or two levels of display, Max mega menu is installed and you can easily begin to create infinite flyout malls.

The Max Mega Menü can be activated for one or more items per page. The menus you create with Max Mega Menus look and work great on all your equipment, even the stylus! It is a high-performance extension of the Microsoft Office word press editorial expertise, but still has a very intimate feel. Operates with your word-press preset paintshop template:

The Page Builder is not a committment to a particular individual or even a word-press individual. Can be integrated into any WHORDPRESS PRIINTSHOP THEEM. Wordprocessor Widget are the best friends of a website user. Put some or all of your items in the shopping cart: so your customers can choose whether they want to choose some or all of the items in their wish list and go to the check-out page with a click.

View shortcuts to create, organize, and browse wishlists: so your end user can directly retrieve them from the list of wishlists. View the date a item was added to a wish list for accurate and targeted review to give your customers more information. View the compare on another page: a page that you can also include under the items in your shop menus.

Put a picture in front of the table: design the chart according to your wishes! Always check the information about your products: no more comparing with empty fields: these will be faded out for you! Immediately show the associated products: thanks to a slide under the desk that covers the items with the same category/tag!

Adapt attributes: Insert the ones you want for your items and let them appear in the comparison charts. Generate a chart with the required products: Simply pick the required items and use the speed dial function to insert the chart on the required page. Specify what kind of buttons to display: Specify whether you want to show a shortcut or a custom symbol to interact with the shortcut and specify where to place it, near the Into Basket or on the item screen.

Select the information you want to display: You can select whether you want all information to be displayed only partially. Position the Instant Review at the desired location: Use the available shortcut number to let your visitors see a particular item on each page. Multistore ready-applicable for multi-store word-press installation, this word-press print shop themes is build with the best possible care to help your turnover grow. with yout ube or all in one print shop plug-in we have suggested that you must add to this word-press print shop themes, we believe your ranking will rise significantly. mulit goesogle scripts. you can intuitively navigate headline and text within the typeface of the Admin Panel. you will be able to navigate solid google scripts and build a truly custom website.

User-defined Widget. Build web sites is very simple with these Widget that are built. You can place them in the page bar, bottom bar, header and even in the contents. Works perfect with all web browser. This topic of word-press printing is well suited with all web browser such as: e.g.afari, Chrom, Firefox and even Opéra. Improved loading speeds. Loading speeds are fully optimised via codes and pictures. Your client will be amazed at how quick the web site is.

Quick Start Setup Bundles - You can use the Quick Start setup to create a complete new Worldpress. There is detailed information for you to download and use, to download the template to your Worpress pages and to setup the Worpress plug-ins to work. Example dates - Is contained in the bought packing with the pictures of the products is a place holder.

Installingervices - for any purchaser who has no spare moment, skill, knowledge or other reason, the Professional Wortpress can buy our Professional Wortpress Print Preshop Thame Installingervices from our staff, so that we can provide demonstration files with pictures and product installations, prices, configuration of all our working with WindPress Print Preshop Thame for you.

Press pictures - some pictures of products, backgrounds, video, banners...which are used as a demonstration are copyrighted and are not part of the shopping cart or example-datas. They can be replaced by wildcard pictures, so please use your own articles. FULL PURPOSE is offered for this print shop named WordPress Printshop Thermal Packaging.

HOOT ISEM Woocommerce Products Designers plug-in is essential for any WordPress print solutions and is only included in this FULL SURVEY. - Certain items in the details of the products cannot be stored. - Some options in the detailed view of the products cannot be stored. - Sliding control for new images. - New product pictures lightbox.

  • Zoom new product images. - Select a product detail page template. Here you can see the complete WordPress printing solution:

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