Woocommerce Product Plugin

Product Woocommerce Plugin

The WooCommerce PPOM (Personalized Product Option Manager) plugin adds input fields on the product page to personalize your product. With this plugin you can add an optional gift wrapping option to your product page. Additions to WooCommerce products The WooCommerce PPOM (Personalized Product Option Manger) plugin will add entry boxes on the product page to personalize your product. Drag-and-drop entry boxes with many choices. You can also add the price with optional extras.

Outstanding plugin, outstanding customer service! The plugin for product variants has been installe. Works very well with many other plugs and the help is very quick and effective.

I was able to provide product pages that were really different from the classical WP pages, and my clients like it. That plugin just saved my work. It is a good plugin and every cent of it is valuable. I' m looking forward to buying another plugin from him. "The WooCommerce Product Addons" is open resource product development work.

This plugin has been created by the following persons. Added one-time/fixed file charging feature. Error fixed: One securities offering was determined in relation to the warrant exercise pric. Now, the optional pricing is performed on the serverside. Crop images now has the ability to select more than one size at the front end with pricing. Filename and optional ID are now better automatically populated.

Improved PPOM API with ID for option added. Error fixed: Problem with variations in quantity for pricing solved. Error fixed: Varying number of option Klonsymbol does not work, it is now corrected. Error fixed: The problem with calculating pricing has been resolved when using variational amounts and pricing matrix together. Error fixed: Quantity entry does not refresh pricing when used in terms, it is now locked.

Option are not sortingable for check, radio and selectbox. Error fixed: The WPML compliance was again verified for errors and corrected. Error fixed: File and trimmed pictures have a problem when you order several items with the same product. Error fixed: Log in conditionally resets the check-box, checkbox, checkbox, checkbox, listen and listen selections. Error fixed: Metafields were cut/hidden in the cell phone.

Error fixed: Corrected an error in calculating taxes on the shopping basket page. Error fixed: Pictures processed with Aivary were not displayed. It' re repaired now. Error fixed: Pictures that had been added were not displayed in the new WC release. It' re repaired now. Error fixed: Cut pictures were not displayed in the new WC release. It' re repaired now. Product show prices are not correctly set with PPOM warrant prices, we have hidden this.

You will now see the rateable fix charge on the product page. Error fixed: Error fixed: 3. WooCommerce Error fixed: Safety-relevant problem solved. Error fixed: the focus check box for percent was not correctly set.

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