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The menu of your restaurant probably has several different categories. 42% off, new prize old prize It works together with WooCommerce, it shows all WooCommerce categories and products on a one page. The restaurant has some specific modifications: Converts your shopping basket page into your menu page so that your Woocommerce shopping basket page is transformed into a menu page. It redirects your store page to your shopping basket or menu page by default. Click on the "redirect" button.

"Restaurant Menu using Woocommerce" is open-source software. Following persons have added to this plug-in.

Restaurant Food Menu for Woocommerce by wepproducts

"Foodlify - Restaurant Fashion Menu for Woocommerce" plug-in is the quicker and simpler way to order groceries in the on-line store for your clients. Simply go to the "Food Menu" page, select your choice of foods, quantities and click on the order link to put the group of foods in the Cart.

It' the easy way to order different foods in a few seconds. It''s a plug-in that will help you get more out of selling and is best for wholesalers. "Foodlify - Restaurant Menu for Woocommerce " plug-in is fully reactive and includes extra functions such as picture, searching options, grocery information and shopping basket key to improve usability.

"Foodlify - Restaurant Food Menu for Woocommerce" plug-in is a full-featured fast order tool that can be easily added to any WooCommerce website. The WP version is very versatile and fully interoperable with many plugins in the WP library. "Foodlify - Restaurant Food Menu for Woocommerce" plug-in is fully adaptable for the user.

Users can simply set up and set up the plug-in in the new or legacy WP Sites. You can now display the articles of a certain categorie on each page with the following shortcode. Fast and easy way to order in the on-line store for the customer. Users can browse the groceries by categories.

The best plug-in for wholesalers. Certain categories of foodstuffs may be "excluded" as separate commas. The administrator can specify the backgrounds, borders, and text colors of the seek buttons. The menu and submenu backgrounds can be hovered and text colored. Element name, hob and descriptive colour can be used.

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