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Restaurant ordering system for WooCommerce. Creating an online restaurant ordering system in WooCommerce When operating a website for your restaurant, you should consider providing an on-line ordering system. They will appreciate the ease that they can directly select what they want from your website. Luckily, building an on-line restaurant ordering system is quite easy. Indeed, all you need is a WordPress website with WooCommerce and the WooCommerce Product Table plug-in.

Here we will discuss how a personalised ordering system can help your restaurant operation. It is undeniable that the increasing demand for ordering foods on-line is increasing. No matter if pick-up or shipment, humans like to be able to order quickly and to continue their life. For example, 79% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 have ordered a take-out via a website or application, and about 20% use a take-out service at least once a week. 24% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 have ordered a take-out via a website or application, and about 20% use a meal service at least once a week. 24% of Americans have ordered a take-out service via a website or application, and about 20% use a meal service at least once a week. 24% of Americans have ordered a take-out service via a website or application, and about 20% use a meal service at least once a week. 20% of Americans have ordered a take-out service at least once a month.

Therefore, if you have the ressources, it makes sense to offer an on-line ordering possibility. But you probably won't have much luck if you don't take care of your restaurant ordering system well. Let us take WooCommerce as an example: It allows you to quickly turn your website into an on-line shop. It is, however, conceived for the sale of single goods or sevices.

Consumers have to go to a page for each article - which is hardly the best way to order groceries. Therefore you need an extra toolset with which you can create a one-sided ordering system that works as an on-line meal. WooCommerce Product Table can help you if you want to establish an on-line restaurant ordering system:

Developed for integration with WooCommerce, this plug-in provides extra features. Specifically, you can make a products chart that displays all your products or service listings on a unique page. This means for your restaurant site that you can display all your meals and other offers in one on-line pull-down menue.

Some of the advantages of using WooCommerce Products Tables to setup your ordering system include: Consumers can choose anything they want and put it all in their shopping basket with one click. The best part is that the creation of this kind of ordering system is fast and easy. When you already have information and pictures on every point in your menus at your fingertips, you can quickly create and commission a custom production chart.

It is assumed that you have already created a WooCommerce website for your restaurant. In WooCommerce, simply browse every point on your menus as a single piece. Once your WooCommerce page is finished, you can move on to the first part! First of all you have to buy the WooCommerce Products Table plug-in and have it installed on your website.

As soon as the plug-in is enabled, you can browse your WooCommerce > Settings on your desktop. Choose the Products page and click Products Charts from the top of the page menu: Store your changes and the WooCommerce table of products is up and running. Now open a new page and give it any name (e.g. "Our menu").

On the second line of the symbols that is displayed, select Insert Item Table: A short code will be placed on your page which will create your own tables as well. This includes all your WooCommerce items - in this case your own personalized meals, drinks and so on. Completely customise your ordering system to provide exactly the information and features you need.

Here you want to go back to WooCommerce > Preferences > Products > Productsables. Here you can make changes to your products and turn it into a full featured on-line meal. Here there are many choices, so let's discuss some of the most important of them.

Like the name already says, you choose here which column should appear in your products list. You will probably want to keep things easy for a restaurant ordering system. With this function, clients can order more than one of each dish: Move down the page, open the Add to Basket pushbutton and choose the pushbutton and checkbox:

It is indispensable to make your ordering system user-friendly. Purchasers can tick off any groceries they want and put them in their shopping basket with a click of the mouse. Choose Variant to view your choices in your products chart. Filters drop-down lists put a menu at the top of your products chart so your clients can narrow down their filters to certain kinds of dishes:

And there are many more ways to discover them, all of which are described in the WooCommerce Produkt Tabelle doc. After all, it's noteworthy that you don't have to adhere to a separate WooCommerce restaurant ordering system chart. Now your restaurant ordering system should look something like this:

Although these are not necessary, they offer the customer extra information and facilitate the ordering procedure. As an example, most on-line shops work around the clock. You will only want your customer to place an order during business hour. This can be done with the WooCommerce Opening and Chosen Times plugin:

You can use this utility to determine exactly when you want to place orders on-line. Outside these opening and closing dates, if a client accesses your ordering system, a notification will be shown notifying them that your restaurant is shut (and when it will be reopened). Furthermore, some of your clients may want to order groceries and have them shipped (or picked up) at a later date.

With the WooCommerce Shipping Slots plug-in you can easily extend this feature to your ordering system: With this plug-in, clients can choose a date of shipment and a window for their order. And last but not least, you can take a look at the WooCommerce Google Cloud Print Plugin: With this plug-in you can directly link your WooCommerce shop with Google Cloud Print.

At first glance, it may seem a little daunting to establish an on-line ordering system for your restaurant. While you know that your shoppers would enjoy the opportunity to buy groceries through your website, you may not be sure how to start. In short, here are the walkthroughs to be followed once you've established WooCommerce:

Download the WooCommerce product table and place your food on a one-page order page. Extend the function with WooCommerce opening hours & selected times, WooCommerce delivery points or WooCommerce Google Cloud Print. If you have any queries about setting up an ordering system for your restaurant? WooCommerce can generate extra revenues for your shop by enhancing your e-mail merchandising.

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