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I will help you select the right Members Only plug-in for your special needs and give you complete directions on how to setup it for your members. I will help you select the right Members Only plug-in for your special needs and give you complete directions on how to setup it for your members. Why you want a home shop where members can buy select items that are not available to the general public. Why?

Clothes with the member organisation's own emblem may also be included. Which kind of member shop do I need? A number of ways exist to structure a member repository, based on which clients need accessing which products: As soon as a member signs in to the shop, they can see and buy all your wares.

Build all your product. To turn it into a concealed Member store, use the following instructions: The WordPress administrator contains Plugins -> Ad New and uploads the plug-in-file. Enable the plug-in. Proceed to the Plug-in Preferences page: Include your licence code, select 1 or more shop codes, make any changes to the logon page text and click OK.

People who are open to the general public will be able to browse your website, browse your home pages, and log in. There is also a field "Logged in users" on the preferences page. Every member can have acces to 1 or more areas within the shop. It is a great way to offer different items to different members.

If you have different groups or different memberships for example, you can set up a different section of your shop for each group. Build a privately owned member shop with more than one member tier. Here your business will be completely open to the general public. Your business will be completely open to the general public. Your business will be completely open to the general public. there. You can use the following steps to turn it into a multi-level member storage where different items are available for different groups of members.

From WordPress go to Plugins -> Add New and load the plug-in and enable it. DON'T check the box to display secure items in the shop's open area. Go now to Products -> Classifieds. Creates a catagory for each member or group. Choose one of the "Protected" option for each category:

Secured by Passwords - Members must type a passphrase to be able to access every member-only type of products. Probably the best choice for smaller WordPress member pages. Keep them on ' Public' as they get automatic the same level of security as the higher level one. Lastly, make a page that allows members to login to their Member Only section.

Depending on what kind of protections you use for your member categories: If necessary, you can refer to it from the publicly accessible areas of your website. If someone registers in a member-only categorie, the plug-in immediately redirects them to the categorie corresponding to the input passwords. Clients can see the publics areas of your website as before.

Member can only see the product they have acces to. Limited product is concealed from all others. There is a procedure that you have to follow in order to pass on the code to your members or to allow new members to sign up for the shop. You can use more than one keyword, or you can use the same one for each other.

As an alternative, you can use any WordPress frontend registration/login plug-in to generate a failed registry request as well. My Log my password provides a useful function to keep new member subscriptions for administrative permission before they can gain full member memory usage. And if you prefer to be able to buy your subscription through your website, you can do so by building a publicly available item that anyone can buy.

Is it possible to resell the same item to more than 1 member tier? Every item can only be in one member area. A few items are available for everyone, while you can also have members privately only items. So the only thing that's different is that you not only make secure member profiles, but also some publicly available member profiles.

Next is the creation of a user-friendly navigational tree for your private and private filing. Navigating in your business is simple. Just insert your own custom linking to your online shop. Make a page where members can sign in to the Member Only Store. If you are in the member memory, you can set a hyperlink from the member memory's member memory to the member memory's logon page, e.g. via a "member memory" hyperlink in the member memory's navigational area.

By adding shortcuts to your members' catagories to the navigational menus, you can hide them from the world. As soon as a member activates his concealed items via the categorie log-in page, these menue hyperlinks appear in a magical way in the menue for them! Every member will only see the product they have acces to.

May the same item appear in publics and member areas? When you want to have the same items sold to the general audience and only areas of the shop for members, then you need to have the items cloned. Then you can place 1 copy of each item in the different parts of your shop.

If you do not want to calculate your subscription, skip this section. First of all you have to set up a user categorie under Categories -> Categories. Please click on "Add a specific item to this category" - Items -> New. Name this ' buy membership' or whatever you want. If you want to resell different levels of members, make more than one member item.

Connect your member product from celebrities on your published website, such as the Navigate page drop-down list. Rolesecurity - The simplest way to do this is to activate the members shop for all registered customers online. Custom Login Security - After all, is your members' storage limited to logged-in only?

lf so, you must grant each member manual permission when purchasing a subscription. Simply go to the Edit menu for the Members Only catagory and choose it from the Protection menu.

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